Sunday, November 1, 2009

"WOW'S" $$ NFL MONSTER BLOWOUT PLAYS $$ (21-14 +44Units NFL ytd..)

*Free Preview* 2009 NFL Record: 21-14 (+$4,400)
Not a good day yesterday, in fact the last two plays went down the drain early after we hit the first two plays rather easily...You will not see me panic , i just went back into the lab & pulled out 4 big plays that will make up for yesterday & earn us some extra cabbage going into next weeks action:Also todays early card is *FREE* to all GFW followers! Five NFL "BLOWOUT" profit making plays ready no---Build those banks & then hammer my *POD* "VIKINGS vs GB Packers"... NFL PLAYS: 1:00 PM- HOUSTON @ BILLS: THE PICK (5 UNITS) "BILLS +4 (BUY 1/2 POINT)" *FREE PREVIEW PLAY* 1:00 PM- NY GIANTS @ PHILLY : THE PICK (10 UNITS) "PHILLY EAGLES +1" *FREE PREVIEW PLAY* 1:00 PM- SEATTLE @ DALLAS: THE PICK (10 UNITS) "SEATTLE +10.5 (BUY 1 POINT)" *FREE PREVIEW PLAY* 4:15 PM- VIKINGS @ GB PACKERS: THE PICK (20 UNITS) "VIKINGS +4 (BUY 1/2 POINT)* Note:All members plays are posted on the blog , right after kickoff for tracking purposes. Those that are *Members* have the plays emailed the morning before games start. Free plays are posted 2-4 hours before games kickoff...


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  1. Hopefully this card gets you hot again

  2. Lets go WOW"
    Like the early card alot , played the Eagles at +2