Monday, June 15, 2009

Baseball Betting Bankroll Management

By: Randizzle Date: June 15, 2009

Once you decide to start betting on baseball you’re going to need to learn a few things if you want to be successful and last longer then a week. Most people who begin betting on sports will buy a small amount of money on a sportsbook and then bet most of it on a single game until they end up losing. Betting on sports is all about the numbers and you need to make sure you allow the numbers to start giving you an advantage, but if you bet too much then you won’t be able too.

A lot of people who bet on baseball will lay down 20-30% of there bankroll on a single game hoping that they can try making some quick money. You might win the first couple games, but if you continue betting such a large percentage of your bankroll it won’t take long before you lose a few in a row and end up being broke. If you can’t manage your money properly on your baseball sportsbook account then hopefully you’re only betting for added entertainment because you won’t make money.

The ideal percentage of your bankroll that you should bet on a single game is 1-5% of your bankroll. This is so that you can handle the losses when they come and still have enough money to recoup the losses. You should rate each game before you make your wager based on how safe you feel the bet is. If you rank it a 5 unit bet then put 5% down and if you think it’s a 2 unit play only lay 2% on the game. You aren’t going to make the fast money everyone wishes they could make, but you need to be slow and patient to make long-term money.

On some occasions there will be a game that you’ll feel really safe about and in these circumstances you can lay more of your bankroll down on the game. I would never lay more then 10% of my bankroll on a single game though because nothing is a guarantee in the world of sports and there are always lots of upsets that take place.

If you start getting on a winning streak don’t increase the amount you’re betting on each game because this is one major mistake people make. Always try and stay within the 1-5% region and you should always be safe from completely losing your bankroll. Don’t just bet on any game either because you can, only bet on games that you feel strongly about winning. You might only feel strongly about 3-5 games a week or maybe 10 games a week, but it’s important only to bet on these games. If you start playing games for the sake of trying to make money your bankroll will disappear quickly.

There aren’t too many things you need to worry about when managing your bankroll as long as you can stay within the percentages listed above. It’s always better winning money slowly then losing money fast so remember that before you start breaking the simple guidelines to managing your sports betting bankroll.


  1. Very true sir. Your baseball plays have been top notch i also notice you do alot of 2-3 unit plays but the other guy bator does 5-10 unit plays

  2. very nice write up dizz, ty for the heads up.your info is always great to read