Monday, June 8, 2009

Guide to MLB Betting-How To Make *REAL* Money!

By: Randizzle Date: June 8, 2009

Many sportsbooks would prefer to close their doors during baseball season. It’s not just that business slows after the football and basketball seasons end -- because it does, dramatically -- it’s that the smart gamblers hit the bookmakers up for a lot of money.

So how come you’re not betting on baseball every day? (And I know you’re probably not.) Perhaps for many of the same reasons you’re not betting regularly on hockey, another sport with great value for gamblers. Believe me, I’ve heard all the excuses. “Baseball and hockey are boring.” “I can’t get with any sport in which a 2-1 score reflects a great game.” “I can’t watch a pro baseball without falling asleep.” “I’ve never even seen a pro hockey game.”

My question to you is, Are you betting for entertainment or to make money?

Granted, most U.S. gamblers aren’t nearly as familiar with hockey as they are with the 3 other major American sports: football, basketball and baseball. And, admittedly, baseball lags far behind football and basketball in mass appeal. But both baseball and hockey have traditionally provided great values for savvy gamblers. Not only that, their seasons span virtually the entire year, with Major League Baseball’s first pitch overlapping neatly with the push toward the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup playoffs.

Most important, both baseball and hockey differ from football and basketball in that the most common form of betting is on the moneyline (which team is going to win, straight up), not against the run-line or puck-line (in other words, the point spread, almost always 1.5 runs or goals). This provides an opportunity for great values when you follow the sports closely.

Baseball features another unique dynamic in that even though it’s a team sport, it’s really about a single player, the pitcher, against another individual player, the batter. In the age of the Internet, it isn’t hard to determine how a particular pitcher does against a specific lineup, or at a particular ballpark. Hockey’s sort of the same way, only it’s the goalie against the opponent’s entire offense, more or less 1 man at a time. No wonder bookies hate hockey and baseball -- the latter of which is the only game going in the dead of summer.

At the three well known Vegas sportsbook's, they felt fortunate to finish pro baseball season with 1% or less in losses on the books. When do you think they made up those millions of dollars? On “losers” blowing their yearly bankrolls in 17 quick weeks of pro football, and 1 long weekend of Final Four basketball, that’s when.

So start “betting wise.”, and don’t take a gambling vacation during baseball and hockey seasons -- it could be costing you thousands of dollars a year.

You need proof ? Well just go into the archives & look what all three Cappers on this blog have done the past week (22-8-1 For a combined $7,080 in *Profits*!) Now don't you think that kind of cash weekly will make the *Bankroll* nice and strong leading into Football in August.....Stop sitting back & letting your book escape w/o getting *POUNDED* this Baseball season


  1. Very true article just your plays alone this week made me good profits to stash away for football , then still have money for betting bases. That guy Bator is on fire as well randy , hes like 24 out of 30 thats alot o money making you guys are doing over here .

    You better make sure the books dont find you guys you might have some explaining to do on how your winning so much

  2. Baseball is known to shut bookies down over the years , alot of wiseguys shutdown their operations in Vegas after NBA finals are over. Also very interesting Randy is that the book you recommended me to play at , they actually reduced my wagering limits starting today, i can not put more then $1,000 on a play.
    These books are running scared because of baseball and now after playing with your baseball plays for three weeks i was up over 7K...So of course now they cut my limits
    Bullshit sportsbooks

  3. Interesting article , i always thought Baseball was the hardest sport to gamble on. The way you three are hitting baseball plays i might have to re-think that perception of mine.

    GL Tonight

  4. PimpDaddy (Covers Legend)June 8, 2009 at 5:18 PM

    MAKE MONEY! I would bet on two cats racing if i knew i would make money on it. Lets start the week off like last week ...WITH WINNERS