Friday, November 13, 2009

Randizzles' **NCAA FOOTBALL TV GAME OF THE WEEK** WVA vs CINCY (4-0-1 +50 Units:L-Night!)Winning is a habit...

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CFB TV POUNDER: WVA vs CINCY (*15 Units*) Perfect season on the line! NBA ESPN MONEY PLAY: LAKERS vs DENVER (*15 Units*) Playoff rematch! Last Night Recap:(4-0-1 +50units) Rutgers -ml & -2 *Winners* 15 & 10units Chicago Bears +4 *Push* 10units NCST -10 *Winner* 10units Lakers/Suns Ov202 *Winner* 15units
What a night we had last night & if not for that *BUM* Cutler we would have been 5-0, but we are perfectly fine with our 4-0-1 dominating card L-night in 4 different league's--First we hammer the CFB Double play *15&10 Unit* (Rutgers-ML&-2) winners as Rutgers did exactly as we thought they would do & dominated a un-motivated S.fla team,then the first CFB play of the year hits easily *10Unit* (NCST -10) winnner, then the NBA miracle as we hit the Over220 in the (Lakers&Suns) games that just cemented what i have been saying all alone that in the NBA all that matters is if you have "SHARP INFO" you will be on the right side 65-75% of the time & we all know the *REFS* control the games & not the players! Now tonight we are going back to the CFB scene with the "NCAAF TV GAME OF THE MONTH" with a very good matchup between WVA & CINCY as the Bearcats look to stay undefeated & the Mountaineers look to spoil the National Title Hopes of Cincy--Well the main reason i am making this a *POD* play is because there are 7 trends & major money moves in the books that point to this play being a easy winner just like L-night's was...NBA we have a Playoff Rematch between two teams (Lakers & Denver) that are stacked & probably will meet up once again in the Western conf finals---This line is very suspect & we all know i exploit suspect #'s especially when the refs have another "FIXED" play...NBA = EASY MONEY---"Now watch me how i exploit these plays today & show everyone including the doubters & bashers how i make all my members bankrolls very healthy going into the Holidays"

*Members* Exclusive Plays Friday, November 13, 2009 NBA&NFL&CFB&CBB PICKS *Full Members Plays*

NCAAF:WVA @ Cincy Time: 8:00 pm est *ESPN* The Pick: (15 Units) *WVA +10.5 (Buy 1/2)* *POD PLAY--TV PLAY OF THE MONTH* NBA:La Lakers @ Denver Nuggets Time: 10:30 pm est The Pick: (15 Units) *DENVER -2 1ST HALF* *POD PLAY ALERT* Every lean & play updated & documented on twitter & the blog Time stamps on twitter & the blog to keep things 100% honest!

Note:All members plays are posted on the blog & twitter right after kickoff or 1st pitch etc....done for tracking purposes. Free plays are posted 30 minutes before games start.

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  1. Back on top dizzzle my roll is looking good...
    Keep the pressure on these books!

  2. Just saw the members email Dizz , i like both plays and actually will tease them and parlay with my own plays.

  3. Just put them both in for a dime each
    Good Luck to us all.


  5. West virginia needs a stop and we cover

  6. Hey Kurt it looks like you lost that bet huh...Dizzle is a beast right now he's in one of his hot runs so i advise you not to play against him unless you like losing money..

    Denver pushes 1st half so another nice (1-0-1) day for + money ($1,500)...
    i will gladly take that dizz.