Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DaExpert's ~SQUARE FADES-CFB&NBA~ (2-0 Sweep L-Night & 10-4 CFB&NBA Run) (+101 Units Last 3days!)

DaExpert's "Members Plays"
Enjoy last night's Monday Night Football winner on the Steelers in blowout fashion? Of course you did! DaExpert gets right back on the gridiron Tuesday night ready to do more damage to the books with a play showing EVEN MORE VALUE (Buffalo vs Ohio)! Alot of people jumped of the bandwagon after a tough 3 day stretch last week-they are kicking themselves now after the pounding i have put on the books the last three nights (10-4 Overall NBA&CFB&NFL) (+101 Units) in profits--So now whos doubting me??? Watch and win on ESPN 2 & NBA action as DaExpert embarrasses these lines in both sports behind his KEY GAME-BREAKING FACTOR! CFB & NBA Selections- Members Plays (10-4 L-3days +$10,100) TUES - Nov 10 -DaExpert
10*CFB:Ohio @ Buffalo (7:05pm) *SQUARE FADE PLAY* "OHIO/BUFFALO OVER 46 (BUY 1/2)" DaExpertspicks@gmail.com 10*NBA:Houston @ Dallas (8:35pm) *SQUARE FADE PLAY* "HOUSTON/DALLAS OVER 199 (BUY 1/2)* CFB&NBA&NFL PACKAGES-REDUCED PRICES Weekly Subscription (All Sports-NFL&CFB&NBA&CBB):$155 Weekly Subscription (All Football-NFL&CFB):$125 Monthly Subscription (All Sports):$275 Monthly Subscription (All Football):$225 Yearly Subscription (All Sports Play-Every Sport):$575 Yearly Subscription (All Football Plays-NFL&CFB):$395 All Members Plays will be sent from---DaExpertspicks@gmail.com Any questions email me anytime & all "Free Trial Plays" will be posted only on the Blog! *Top Notch* info daily to help us all in the quest of beating the books every single day.


  1. Your on fire expert just do what you do

  2. Ohio should have 14 points already ..
    not helping the over for us

  3. Both overs looking really good so far / no jinxing it i hope :HA:

  4. Nice winner on the Buffalo over.

  5. We are going 2-0 tonight again
    The plays are sizzling right now Expert..kepp this shit up man its like taking candy from a baby.

  6. Wtf have you been eating ??? Expert your on absolute fire man.

    Please just keep pumping out winners my man oh your the truth right now ____

  7. another perfect day for you whats that now 12-4 in the last 16 days

  8. i mean 16 plays...lol

  9. Yes your good not a fluke at all
    good to see you on this hot streak - - looking forward to more winners.