Friday, October 2, 2009

CollegeGurus' **50** CFB FRIDAY NIGHT BLOWOUT-Pitt vs Louisville **(9-1) 90% 50-UNIT RUN**

The *50-UNIT* King Goes Back-To-Back *50-UNIT* Winnners In CFB! On Thursday... Uab (+11) So Miss 30-17 WON - (50-Units) On Wednesday... La Tech (Under 57) Hawaii 27-6 WON - (50-Units) WIN NUMBER THREE GOES TONIGHT IN THE BIG EAST (9-1 L10 *50-Unit Plays)!
BIG EAST BLASTER Guru has hot information on the Big East's key Pitt-Louisville showdown on Friday night. The Panthers suffered a heartbreaking defeat last week at N.C. State, and the betting community has been abuzz with speculation as to whether Pitt will bounce back strong in conference play or if blowing that two-touchdown lead in Raleigh will result in an emotional hangover. Others can speculate, but with our dominating *50-UNIT* Game-data system, College Guru never speculates, he knows! That information from our system combines with the sophisticated simulation programs my computer people are working and the game film study & game data the Guru has accumulated . College Guru approaches this game with complete information and he's going to conclude the game with cash in his hand & more *50-UNIT* cash in your accounts!
What better way to gamble then to have a "NO RISK" betting month, sit back & know you can not lose money when CollegeGuru is your capper....
Note:All guarantees are fully enforced & endorsed by Gamblers Final Word.
"Time is money so lets get back to making some"
*Guru's CFB *Fri/Sat-50Unit Bombs*
CFB:Pitt (-7) vs Louisville (+7): Total:Over/Under 53 The Pick:(50 Units)*LOUISVILLE +7.5 (BUY 1/2)**POD PLAY* COLLEGEGURUSPICKS@GMAIL.COM CFB:Georgia (-3.5) vs Lsu (+3.5): Total:Over/Under 50 *SATURDAY'S PLAY* The Pick:(50 Units)*MEMBERS PLAY**POD PLAY* *NON-MEMBERS EMAIL NOW FOR PACKAGES & FULL SATURDAY CFB & SUNDAY NFL-READY TO DESTROY YOUR BOOK!* CFB:Miami (+8) vs Oklahoma (-8): Total:Over/Under 49.5 *SATURDAY'S PLAY* The Pick:(50 Units)*MEMBERS PLAY**POD PLAY* *NON-MEMBERS EMAIL NOW FOR A FULL MONTH OF PROFITS & *50UNIT* MONSTER PLAYS-THAT CASH IN 90% OF THE TIME* Note:Those that are not *Members can email Collegeguru & get info on how to become a member & get all plays daily (Including every *POD*), also days when he has a *Free Play they are posted on blog 1 hour before games start-The *Members plays are posted right after first pitch so all *Members&Non Members can track each play & help in your decision to join the #1 Handicapping Network in the nation,GL $$$! CollegeGurus' (cfb&nfl) L12 Plays: Mich St +7 (50 Units) *WIN* *POD* Bal/Sd Over 41.5 (50 Units) *WIN* *POD* Dallas -3 (20 Units) *Lose* South Carolina +4.5 (50 Units) *WIN* *POD* Mizzou/Nevada Over 60 (55 Units) *Lose* *POD Ny Jets -1 (25 Units) *WIN* *POD* Falcons +4.5 (22 Units) *Lose* Bills +7 (23 Units) *Lose* Bears -ml (50 Units) *WIN* *POD* Carolina/Dallas -Under 49 (50 Units) *WIN* *POD* Hawaii/LaTech -Under 57 (50 Units) *WIN* *POD* W.Va/Colorado -Under 56 (22 Units) *Lose* Uab + 11 (50 Units) *WIN* *POD* Last 2 Weeks = 8-4 +233 Units = +$23,300
CollegeGuru's (*POD* Documented Record)
9-1 L10 *POD'S* = +395 UNITS = $39,500 *In Profits!
CollegeGuru's -Monthly $225 No Risk Betting!
*You Must Win Money With My Packages-Or I Pay All Losses&Refund Packages* No Capper Guarantees You To Win or Have Losses Paid!* CollegeGurus' 2009 Football Best Bets-Daily! 2009 All Football Plays -Full 30 Day's (cfb&nfl&mlb) - $225.00 2009 All Football Plays -Full 2 Month's (cfb&nfl&mlb) -$350.00 2009 All Football Plays -Full Season (cfb&nfl&mlb) - $595.00 (Save over $1,500)


  1. You are definitely the best at getting your members big money quickly , your 50 [unit] plays have built my roll up nicely the last 2 weeks.

    Stay hot guru.

  2. Da run is alive keep it going .

  3. Guru thanks for the 50* star wins is not the word

  4. Can the guru do it again ???????/


    Lets see