Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday Night (Mikey "Hit em Hard" Aces) MLB *Free Preview*

A little patch in the road last night losing my POD and my underdog game and finishing the night off with a Bravos win but tonight we get back on the horse with my winners tonight and we make that money. You cannot afford to miss my POD today.
Braves (-142) @ Marlins (+132)
The Pick: 5 units on Braves (-142)
Angels (+112) @ Mariners (-122)
The Pick: 7 units on Mariners (-122)
Giants (+195) @ Phillies (-215)
The Pick: (POD) 15 units on the Phillies (-215) Jump on board & get all of Mikey "Hit em Hard" Aces plays every day @


  1. Mickey, That is big chalk on Phillies man.. You think they can win it?

  2. Phillies 15 Units ? WTF?
    Mikey you better hope they come back
    That will be a huge dent in your bankroll tonight