Sunday, September 6, 2009

*RANDIZZLES' STATEMENT*(On the whole Real/Fake Drama)

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The pressure was on my shoulders to prove to everyone last year was no fluke & also the added pressure of the whole "FAKE/REAL RANDIZZLE" Nonsense thats spreading like a wildfire , in the forums...Well guys lets tally up the scoresheet & produce some facts right now: 1) I went (5-2 this week on all my cfb plays +27.5 Units in profits & all my members have made over 110 Units the last month on all my plays (MLB/NFL/CFB) Every single play is tracked on this blog & my Twitter account (With time stamps!)- They say im the "FAKE" ? Well if that is true -then explain to me why im the one with the documented (5-2 +27.5 Units made) while the other "WEBSITE-RANDIZZLE" is now (2-3 -3.3 units) he has no tracking proof & is charging over $900 for plays when he has not won a single dollar for anyone this year? 2) All i have done is made my guys money every single day/week/month & in this industry that is all that counts-"Making Money For Clients"-Bottomline! For now on everyone should look at it like this:

Blog Randizzle: 5-2 (+27.5 Units)

Website Randizzle: 2-3 (-3.3 Units)

Now ask yourself this one important question....Are you going to follow a guy because he has some shiny new website , but never produces & takes your money & then makes you lose your bankroll on top of that ???

Or do you follow the guy that has the track record , that has shown he has the ability to not only just cap CFB but has shown he can cap the (NFL & MLB) & profit huge amounts on those sports...

In closing all i have to say is "The Picks & The Records Always Tell The Truth"! Next time you hear anyone say im a fake , respond back & tell them---" That $12,000 he made us this month sure does not look fake after i collect from my book"

Randizzle : )


  1. 100% True.... Personally i dont care who is real or who is fake all i care about is who can -n- will make me money day in day out.
    The obvious answer is you right now.

  2. the real randizzle has stood up since this blog started. if people cant figure it out the realy need to check themself b4 they wreck themself!!!

  3. Evan (Jp Morgan Stocks)September 6, 2009 at 3:21 PM

    If the haters on the forum want to follow the other randizzle on that other website / who cares let them and when they lose all there money they cant blame you .


    Dizzle keep doing your thing your a big asset to us guys that need to make money .