Monday, September 14, 2009


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**10** Randizzles' MNF- AFC "SHARP PLAY" ALERTS (14-5 L19 F-ball!)
What a week, Randizzle just finished off-Dizz went (3-1 NFL) including hitting both *10unit "Monster Plays" (Titans +7 & Packers -4) also on a (14-5 +78.5units *All Football Run) & tonight the madness continues as Randizzle releases a *10unit "AFC-BULLY PLAY" & all SHARP players take notice whenever the "Football Maven" has a "POD" play, especially on the big stage on MNF! Members it is time to keep building all those bankrolls & my goal is to reach *100-Units by next week....All those other frauds are in the negative , while i sit here just destroying every *Vegas Line every day - I dont do *Guarantees alot , but i will *Guarantee all *Gamblers 1 thing.... "When you roll with me - You will need a suitcase when you collect from your book, because the money i make my members, will not fit in your pockets! I produce *WINNERS* & i make you money - While the imitators *Take your money & produce *LOSERS*! Those are FACTS!

*Members* Winners for Monday, September 14, 2009 MLB&NFL&CFB PICKS *Full Members Plays* NFL:Bills @ New England Patriots Time: 7:05 pm est *ESPN* The Pick: (10 Units) *PATRIOTS/BILLS-OVER 47 (Buy .5)* *POD PLAY*

NFL:Sd Chargers @ La Raiders Time: 10:15 pm est *ESPN* The Pick: (5 Units) *LA RAIDERS +11 (Buy .5)* Every lean & play updated & documented on twitter & the blog Time stamps on twitter & the blog to keep things 100% honest! RANDIZZLES *POD* TRACKING: (34-10-1 L 45 *POD'S*)

Randizzles (cfb) Week 1&2 Record: Colo St +11.5 (5 Units) *WIN* Cincy +5 (5 Units) *WIN* Miami +6.5 (10 Units) *WIN* *POD* G.Tech -5 (5.5 Units) *Lose* Toledo/Colorado -Over 54 (5 Units) *WIN* N.Dame -ml (7.5 Units) *Lose* Ohio St +7.5 (15 Units) *WIN* *POD* Sc/Georgia Over 39.5 (5 Units) *WIN* Record Week 1&2 = 11-4 +59 Units=+$5,950 Randizzles (nfl) Week 1 Record: Titans +7 (10 Units) *WIN* *POD* Miami +4.5 (5.5 Units) *Lose* Washington +7 (5 Units) *WIN* GB Packers -4 (10 Units) *WIN* *POD* Record Week 1 = 3-1 +19 Units=+$1,900 Note:All members plays are posted on the blog & twitter right after kickoff or 1st pitch etc....done for tracking purposes. Free plays are posted 30 minutes before games start. *Randizzles' NFL/CFB/MLB ($275) 1 Month (ALL RX MEMBERS GET 10% OFF FULL SEASON PACKAGES)* This is the ultimate picks package by Randizzle! You get every sports pick released by Randizzle for 1 month. Every pick that Dizzle releases you get including his famous 15 and 20 Unit (NFL&CFB) plays! You will soon find out why Randy's Clients profit almost every month & Randy releases 2-5 plays daily & uses a strict money management system to stay on top of the books & build a bulletproof *Bankroll. The Football plays alone will have you making 10x your initial start up fee, in less then a week. The packages Come complete with 24/7 support (The renowned CFB *System that hit over 80% last year , can be on your side this year! ) "When im working for you -Your only stress in life is explaining to your Wife, where all this money your making is actually coming from" "Give me a month & i will make a $100 bettor over $5,000 monthly & those are facts!"


  1. Michael : Rx FollowerSeptember 14, 2009 at 4:13 PM

    The true randizzle has shown himself . Another big day dizzle lets get it $$$

  2. Ryan Bailey (Inter-sports)September 14, 2009 at 4:21 PM

    Your plays are on point ,
    BOL 2Day Randy

  3. Ok Tom Brady lets get some points early

  4. damn
    pats can't do anything opening drive with that field position
    and now miss fg


  6. pats look flat
    we need bills up 24-0 at half
    then pats will come back

    How did we ever win last night with the Bears & again today hitting the over ... un-fucking real

  8. Another 10 ;unit; cash money WIN!

  9. Great winner dizzle...

    How funny is it that all the clicks on the blog increases right before gametime...Randy those are all the people that are not paying for your service , so i advise you not to post the pick until the ball is in the air, the last few days you have posted like 5-10 mins before kickoff & all these guys get free plays. When Espn has a game the kickoff is delayed.

  10. Good job again on the over 47 .

    Lets Goooooooo Raiders-"JUST WIN BABY"

  11. Well that's a sweep (2-0 +15 units)- just like that we are now up 93.5 units in only 2 weeks of football. All my members i want you to enjoy your winnings & get ready for another week of "Big Baller Plays" ... Im not messing around this year , im on a mission to make every one of my members financially secure this year! and thats a "PROMISE"

    Did some1 say we where in a recession ???? LOL-Not when your on board & making almost 5 Grand a week with my plays-No such thing as a recession over here on the Gamblers Final Word

  12. Mr.Randizzle i wanted to just say thanks for being a world class capper that really knows his stuff , also for being a great guy answering all of my emails and questions in a timely matter, having unmatched skills at every sport and most of all making me money. I was in a hole last month feeling miserable and depressed because of losing following other crappy cappers, but you have done such a fine job bringing my bankroll back, making life feel so much better now, Thanks my friend

  13. epic run randy.... 16-5 in the nfl/cfb .
    $275 for a month of plays in every sport is a steal , being up over $7,500 in three weeks will keep me as a client for the full year. I will contact you tmrw to get the full package for the rest of the year.

    Keep it going randy

  14. Only been in sports wagering for about 3 years now.... you are without a doubt the top sports capper I have ever seen.. I screwed around with Bator and dug a hole that was almost too large to dig out of.. Thank God I found you just in time to get me out! Keep up the incredible work, your fees are a tiny token of what you are worth.... Talk about return on investment, ROI, for those finance guys! Keep it up, YOU ARE THE MAN