Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Randizzles' **Tuesday Night MLB SMASHER**MNF*SWEEP* L-NIGHT! (47-17 L64 *Overall Sports Run!)

My Photo MLB "VEGAS DAMAGER" tonight - Dizzle Pick Special
MLB Tuesday is a Dizzle Pick Special. Off another huge week in football (8-3 Overall +$4,700 in *Profits!) & a complete NFL-MNF SWEEP, Im now hammering a huge MLB-Best bet Tuesday. This time of year i single out the best play on the board, and we flat bet them right down the line. This play here tonight has the best line value on the rotation sheet and we pound the books for a 3 Unit Winner in MLB tonight!
**NFL & CFB RECAP** (2 weeks in)
Well what can i say....Two weeks in & we continue to stay hot & exploit *Vegas in CFB&NFL. Right now we are (16-5) combined in both leagues & showing a profit of $9,350 in 2 weeks of action. Remember this is a marathon & not a sprint, so i urge all of my members to take some of those winnings out of your book & stack it for a rainy day-do not get greedy & try to overdo it & chase more winnings, stay patient & follow my units (in accordance to your bankroll) also remember i do not ever bet the board on a CFB Saturday or NFL Sunday , i use a very strict *Money-Movement & Line-Movement system that usually allows us to hammer 3-4 plays on those days & as you can see it has been very successful - shown great profits & i expect this system to allow us to stack alot of money throughout the year. The main key to being a successful *Gambler is picking spots throughout the year & also knowing when to scale it back & show patience & not chase-right now we are way ahead of the books , so there is no need to go crazy & make bad decisions.... Just sit back & relax , as i keep making all my guys *Financially Secure*... Now back to getting more money!

*Members* Winners for Tuesday, September 15, 2009 MLB&NFL&CFB PICKS *Full Members Plays* MLB:Angels @ Boston Time: 7:10 pm est The Pick: (3 Units) *ANGELS-ML* *FREE COMP PLAY & MEMBERS PLAY*

CFB:G-Tech @ Miami Time: 10:15 pm est *ESPN* *Thursday Night* The Pick: (5 Units) *MEMBERS PLAY* *CFB PACKAGES AVAIL-TOP RATES & MOST OF ALL-WINNING PLAYS!* Randizzlesplays@Gmail.com Twitter.com/Randizzle14 Every lean & play updated & documented on twitter & the blog Time stamps on twitter & the blog to keep things 100% honest! RANDIZZLES *POD* TRACKING: (35-10-1 L 46 *POD'S*)

Randizzles (cfb) Week 1&2 Record: Colo St +11.5 (5 Units) *WIN* Cincy +5 (5 Units) *WIN* Miami +6.5 (10 Units) *WIN* *POD* G.Tech -5 (5.5 Units) *Lose* Toledo/Colorado -Over 54 (5 Units) *WIN* N.Dame -ml (7.5 Units) *Lose* Ohio St +7.5 (15 Units) *WIN* *POD* Sc/Georgia Over 39.5 (5 Units) *WIN* Record Week 1&2 = 11-4 +59 Units=+$5,950

Randizzles (nfl) Week 1 Record: Titans +7 (10 Units) *WIN* *POD* Miami +4.5 (5.5 Units) *Lose* Washington +7 (5 Units) *WIN* GB Packers -4 (10 Units) *WIN* *POD* Pats/Bills Over 47 (10 Units) *WIN* *POD* La Raiders +11 (5 Units) *WIN* Record Week 1 = 5-1 +34 Units=+$3,400 Note:All members plays are posted on the blog & twitter right after kickoff or 1st pitch etc....done for tracking purposes. Free plays are posted 30 minutes before games start.

*Randizzles' NFL/CFB/MLB ($275) 1 Month (ALL RX MEMBERS GET 10% OFF FULL SEASON PACKAGES)* This is the ultimate picks package by Randizzle! You get every sports pick released by Randizzle for 1 month. Every pick that Dizzle releases you get including his famous 15 and 20 Unit (NFL&CFB) plays! You will soon find out why Randy's Clients profit almost every month & Randy releases 2-5 plays daily & uses a strict money management system to stay on top of the books & build a bulletproof *Bankroll. The Football plays alone will have you making 10x your initial start up fee, in less then a week. The packages Come complete with 24/7 support (The renowned CFB *System that hit over 80% last year , can be on your side this year! ) "When im working for you -Your only stress in life is explaining to your Wife, where all this money your making is actually coming from" "Give me a month & i will make a $100 bettor over $5,000 monthly & those are facts!"


  1. Angels look like a solid play tonight- just hope the bullpen holds up late.

  2. Good job in football bro . I love that you are just ultra consistent and even if you lose 1 play you come back with 3 or 4 wins in a row, that means alot in betting.

  3. Ok Angels need some offense now ...
    Wake those bats up

  4. Guys im sorry about the baseball loss tonight - i know alot of you dont wager on bases, but i just hate losing...ughhhhhhh it irks me with a passion-i know im up over 150 units the past month , but something about losing i just can not stand. I just have a real burning desire to be perfect all the time...well enough of my rant,i am going back in the lab so we all can have another huge week in football.

    Side Note: I will be playing all MLB plays for small units until the playoffs start in 2 1/2 weeks,as you can see alot of my focus is on cfb&nfl at this time.
    I will have baseball plays but real small so guys don't go crazy----

    "Damn i miss Football"

    Randizzle : )

  5. watcha studying in college Randy