Friday, September 4, 2009

MrBator&C-Gurus **CFB&MLB SWAGGA JACKERS" (4-1 +43.5 Units *Profits)


The *SWAG is back boys-the duo demolished the books last night, hammering the MLB *POD* (W-Sox -rl) *15Units & Sweeping both CFB plays to start the season with a huge bankroll boost (S.Carolina +5) *20Unit monster winner & (Boise St-Under 66) *15Unit easy-easy Winner!

Tonight MrBator&C-Guru are sizing up all the action, and have some outstanding angles on the Tulsa-Tulane game, as well as NFL preseason action. And we are looking at some of the big series in baseball coming up, like Rays-Tigers and Red Sox-White Sox. When we come to play on Friday night, you know every option's been thoroughly vetted and the games we release are the ones that will put dollars in your pocket.
We want you with us for our very best three plays! It'll be just like you're standing in line with us at the sports books when you place your bet, and you'll have the same result--cashing the ticket at night's end! Get all our best games and shine bright on Vegas' biggest stage tonight!
Brewers (-110) vs Giants (-110): Total:Over/Under 9 The Pick:(10 Units)*BREWERS-ML* *FREE PREVIEW* MR.BATOR1@GMAIL.COM NFL:SF 49ers (+3.5) vs SD Chargers (-3.5): Total:Under/Over 37 The Pick:(20 Units)*SF-49ERS +3.5* *POD PLAY* MR.BATOR1@GMAIL.COM CFB:Tulsa (-14.5) vs Tulane (+14.5): Total:Under/Over 61.5 *Line Move* The Pick:(15 Units)*TULANE/TULSA-UNDER 62 (Buy 1/2)* MR.BATOR1@GMAIL.COM Note:Those that are not *Members can email Mrbator or Collegeguru & get info on how to become a member & get all plays daily (Including every *POD*), also days when they have *Free Plays they are posted on blog 1 hour before games start-The *Members plays are posted right after first pitch so all *Members&Non Members can track each play & help in your decision to join the #1 Handicapping team in the nation,GL $$$!
MR.BATOR1@GMAIL.COM COLLEGEGURUSPICKS@GMAIL.COM Members Recap: (9-03-09) S.Carolina +5 (20 Units) *WIN* *POD* Boise st -under 66 (15 Units) *WIN* Colts -under 37 (17.5 Units) *LOSE* Browns +3.5 (10 Units) *WIN* Chi W-Sox -ml (15 Units) *WIN* *POD* Record Week 1 = 4-1 +43.5 Units= +$4,350
*19-14-2 L35 *POD* Plays* *We Make You Money-Bottomline! MrBator&CollegeGuru's -Monthly-$245 2009 NFL / NCAA Football Super Pass & MLB MrBator&C-Gurus' 2009 Football Best Bets If You Play The Games I Play, You'll Make The Money I Make. I make SHARP numbers. Vegas makes FLABBY numbers. My SHARP numbers cut their FLABBY numbers to ribbons! I want to give you lean and hungry numbers so you can get all the money like I did it last year and the year before. I want to give you my Pipeline games that won me three handicapping contests and put $240,000 in my pocket. - A good linesmaker has to be a good handicapper And vice versa. THAT in a nutshell, is why you need me on your side. NOW YOU CAN have Vegas's biggest *SHARP* -and now its biggest bettor sharing his private numbers and his best edges with you! It's so easy. Just sign up below and let's get started. 2009 Football Best Bets 30 Day (cfb&nfl&mlb) - $245.00 2009 Football Best Bets: Full Season (cfb&nfl&mlb) - $799.00 (Save over $900) MR.BATOR1@GMAIL.COM


  1. O-Dog (From Philly)September 4, 2009 at 7:12 PM

    lets do it

  2. heating up , that 4-1 day yesterday sure was needed & nice to see

  3. Nice call on that under tulsa : 3-0 in cfb so far . Looking good (Lets go 49ers!)

  4. Wow, the 49ers blow a nut.
    Questionable Brewers pick.