Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Night with MIKEY ' Hit Em Hard' ACES *FREE PREVIEW*

In this business, we have our ups and downs. That is the nature of this business. TONIGHT though, I get us right back on track where we started. Nothing better than to put money into your pocket than on a friday night. I dont care what you do with these plays today. Parlay them, Reverse them, Straight Wager them, just BET THESE PLAYS. I am looking to sweep the board tonight and go a whopping 3-0. Tonight is the night we get right back on track where we started, and thats why I am making 2 of these picks my POD because I just love them both so much, I dont know which is better! SF Giants (-110) @ Mil Brewers (-110) The Pick : SF Giants (-110) 10 Units Tex Rangers (-140) @ Balt Orioles (+120) The Pick : Tex Rangers (-140) 15 Units *POD* Cin Reds (+165) @ Atl Braves (-185)
The Pick : Atl Braves (-185) 20 Units *SUPER POD*


  1. Apologies. Semmed to reviewed my post wrong. Blog Updated.

  2. What up with your plays lately?
    Why Atlanta every night? Chasing Chasing