Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CollegeGurus's ***MLB*** BOMBSHELL "NL WEST" PLAY~(7-1 *50 Unit Run-Dallas Under 49 *WINNER*)

The King of *50 Unit Monster Plays Strikes Again! Cowboys & Panthers (Under 49) 21-7 *50 Unit-WINNER
There's a bombshell betting situation shaping up on Tuesday's baseball card. The squares have bet the line well beyond its value. But the sharps, overly focused on football, especially now that there's a Wednesday game this week, haven't reacted to the bad number and forced it back to its natural equilibrium. As a result, it's hanging up there on the board like a hanging curve ball, begging to be taken out of the park. I'm only too happy to oblige! When I find a Bombshell Situation like this, it wins at a rate of better than 84 percent! I'll get you this game, plus one more and build up your bankroll for another run at the football board this weekend!
Get my full month of (NFL&CFB&MLB-PLAYOFFS) + The hottest *POD'S* in the industry *50Unit *BEST BETS* all for only $225 accompanied by his full "MONEY BACK GUARANTEE" -
If Guru does not show you a profit this "Month" you get back your "PACKAGE FEE" & i pay all "LOSSES"!.
What better way to gamble then to have a "NO RISK" betting month, sit back & know you can not lose money when CollegeGuru is your capper....
Note:All guarantees are fully enforced & endorsed by Gamblers Final Word.
"Time is money so lets get back to making some"
*CollegeGuru's MNF Hammer Play*
MLB:Mets (-105) vs Nationals (-115): Total:Over/Under 9 The Pick:(5 Units)*METS-ML* *FREE PREVIEW* COLLEGEGURUSPICKS@GMAIL.COM MLB:Padres (+140) vs Dodgers (-160): Total:Over/Under 8 The Pick:(10 Units)*DODGERS-ML* *POD PLAY* COLLEGEGURUSPICKS@GMAIL.COM Note:Those that are not *Members can email Collegeguru & get info on how to become a member & get all plays daily (Including every *POD*), also days when he has a *Free Play they are posted on blog 1 hour before games start-The *Members plays are posted right after first pitch so all *Members&Non Members can track each play & help in your decision to join the #1 Handicapping Network in the nation,GL $$$! CollegeGuru's -Monthly-$225 No Risk Betting! *You Must Win Money Monthly-Or I Pay All Losses* No Capper Guarantees You To Win or Have Losses Paid!* 2009 NFL / NCAA Football Super Pass & MLB CollegeGurus' 2009 Football Best Bets-Daily! 2009 Football Best Bets 30 Day (cfb&nfl&mlb) - $225.00 2009 Football Best Bets: Full Season (cfb&nfl&mlb) - $599.00 (Save over $1,500)


  1. Your have the hot hand so im jumping on board , its like a hot baseball team sometimes you have to ride the winning streak .....So lets ride Guru

  2. Collegeguru what big plays do you have in store for the nfl/cfb week ? please update us

  3. Ouchie.
    -15 units, do it big today pal