Sunday, October 24, 2010

Incarcerated Bob's NFL Week #7 Picks: 12-5-1 +24.1Units YTD (NY Radio Personality) :Football Winners Every Sunday!

NFL Picks Record 2010 Season : ( 12-5-1 +24.1 Units)

NFL Picks Week #7 : 10/24

Cincinnati Bengals @ Atlanta Falcons (Pick #1)

Vegas Line: Atlanta Falcons -3.5 (-110)

Vegas Total: Falcons/Bengals O/U 43

Bob’s Lowdown – This is a do or die game for the Bengals! Coming off the bye week going up against a very good Atlanta Falcons team on the road will let us all know if the Bengals are "Contenders" or "Pretenders" - So far this season all the hype about TO & Ocho "Overrated" Cinco has been just that..Nothing but hot air "Hype", matter of fact the QB Carson Palmer is the most overrated QB in the league, lets be real what has he done the past 4+ years???? Still waiting... Then we have the dirty birds > Matt Ryan & the Falcons coming off a bad loss in Philly where they got beat up on offense & defense, so this match-up in my view will go down to the wire & i am rolling with the desperate team, so lets take those points & the Bengals...

Incarcerated Pick: Take Cincinnati Bengals +3.5 ( 2 Star Bet )

NFL Picks Week #7

New England Patriots @ SD Chargers (Pick #2)

Vegas Line: SD Chargers -2.5 (-110)

Vegas Total: Chargers/Patriots O/U 48

Bob’s Lowdown – SD Chargers...Ha Haaaa Ha - Fraud team #1 / Worst coached team #2 (Cowboys take the #1 spot): When does this team stop making excuses & just go out & play the game? Norv Turner is a horrible coach, we all know this but his team has so much talent on Offense that they usually are able to overcome their early season annual slumps but this year they look in trouble & the panic button will be pushed if Rivers & company do not pull out a win in this spot. Then you have the NE Patriots who trade probably the best WR of the past 12 years & they don't miss a beat, Deion Branch comes in & fits right in with Brady & his munchkin receivers & RB'S - So with all that said i am looking for a good ole shoot-out between Rivers & Tom terrific > Lets take that over to the bank..

Incarcerated Pick: Take NE Patriots / SD Chargers Over 48 ( 3 Star Bet )

NFL Picks Week #7

NY Giants @ Dallas Cowboys (Pick #3)

Vegas Line: Dallas Cowboys -3.5 (+105)

Vegas Total: Cowboys/Giants O/U 44

Bob’s Lowdown – Huge game in the NFC East, nothing like a big MNF game between the Cowboys & Giants to get the blood flowing, one team is on the rise & has been heating up lately / The other team has been the biggest disappointment in the NFL & they have the worst coach in the NFL / UFL / CFL / PEE-WEE any league you can name Wade Phillips would be the worst coach instantly. The Cowboys either man up & win this game or all Dallas fans can watch the Texas Rangers for the next week & Dallas Mavericks, because w/o a win football season in Dallas is finished. The NY Giants have down a complete 180 on defense, they have looked like the old big blue wrecking crew (LT/Banks/Marshall/Howard/Pepper) you catch my drift.. After that horrible performance against Colts a few weeks back the Giants are destroying offenses & now they get their chance 2 hammer Tony "Overrated QB #2" Romo & the rest of the Cowgirls..With all that said this game has some fireworks with Manning exploiting Cowboys secondary early & Bradshaw running late..Lets take the Giants + the points.

Incarcerated Pick: Take NY Giants +3.5 ( 4 Star Bet )

Incarcerated Bob's 2 "Fantasy Sleepers "

1) Anthony Armstrong: Washington Redskins- I know what you just said...WHO? Well get this guy on the starting roster he will be a big play threat for McNabb against suspect Bears secondary.

2) Dexter McCluster: KC Chiefs- This guy is pure excitement when he touches the ball & today against a beat up Jacksonville defense i would get him in the lineup. Look for Dexter to break one or two...

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