Sunday, April 4, 2010

Randizzles' **10** NBA KNOCKOUT PLAYS & MLB OPENING NIGHT SMASHER! *92% Hardwood Run! (13-2-1 +212Units L5 Days)

  Kevin Garnett #5 Of The Boston Celtics Goes Randizzle Randizzle **10** *NBA/MLB KNOCKOUT EASTER HAMMERS*
(39-23 *POD* RUN/ 13-2-1 L16 OVERALL RUN)
**WEEKLY/MONTLHY** GUARANTEED NCAA/NBA/MLB PACKAGES: Every play will be covered you can wager any amount between $500-$5,000 on any of my plays & they will be "GUARANTEED" i must show positive units on my picks Or i pay any negative unit losses that occur during your package duration (Week/Month) time period Which Option Is The Smart Investment: ****EMAIL NOW FOR SPECIAL DEALS & PRICES**** Option 1: Sign up with a service pay them $$$ and then they end up losing money-So you end up paying for the package & then they made you lose additional funds..??? Option 2: Sign up with a service that "Guarantees" you to make profits or they will pay all losses & on top of it you can make money on the losses--No lose scenario, some people just seem not to use smart investment *Common Sense* Package rates below $$$ Saturday Recap:(1-1-1 -6.5units)(Plays Documented Daily)
CBB:Mich St +2 *Push* 10units CBB:Wva +3 *Lose* -16.5units *Pod* NBA:Okla/Dallas Over200 *Win* +10units
updated: April 4 at 2:54 PM EST
*Members* Exclusive Plays Sunday, April 4, 2010 NBA&NFL&CBB PICKS *Full Members Play(s) & Free Preview*
NBA:Spurs @ Lakers Time:3:40 pm est The Pick: (10 Units)*SPURS/LAKERS OVER193*(FREE PLAY PREVIEW)(Stop risking your hard earned money-Let me take all the risk & let me produce $$$ for you & when you get a "Guaranteed" package that is exactly what you make me do!) MLB:Ny Yankees @ Boston Time:8:05 pm est The Pick: (5 Units)*BOSTON/YANKS OVER 9*(FREE MLB PREVIEW)(13-2-1 Hot Hot Hot Run & all my "Guaranteed" package members never ever risk a penny on my plays-My members are up $21,200 on my plays the last 5nights & remember winning is the name of the game & all the bashers are really just *FANS* of mine)
NBA:NY Knicks @ Clippers Time:9:35 pm est The Pick: (10 Units)*LA CLIPPERS/KNICKS OVER 209*
Every play updated & documented on twitter/blog, Time stamps on twitter & the blog to keep things 100% honest!
Note:All members plays are posted on the blog & twitter right after tip-done for tracking purposes. Free plays are posted 30 minutes before games start.
1)NBA&CBB Package 1 week-($175)... 2)NBA&CBB Package 1 month-($275)*Save Over $400*
3)NBA&CBB&MLB 2 months-($325)*Every Play 60 Days*
4)CBB Final 4/MLB 1 Month/NBA Rest Of Season/Playoffs-($375)*Special*
5)NCAA&NBA&MLB "GUARANTEED" Plays-($475)*You Must Make A Profit On My "NCAA/NBA/MLB" Plays Through The NBA Finals Or I Pay Any Losses:You Can Risk Up To $500-$5,000 On My Plays & I Will Cover Every Wager! All Members Have Been Paid Full Unit Losses* 6)NCAA&NBA&MLB "GUARANTEED" Weekly Plays-($355)*You Must Make A Profit On All My Plays For 7 Full Days-If I Show Negative Units After The 7Days Are Over Your Fully Reimbursed All Negative Units-No Questions Asked..Start Making Your Service "MAN UP"!
Let me know the package that you like & i will send all payment options asap...
All plays emailed daily-including free plays


  1. Big Poppa (Lex Diamonds)April 4, 2010 at 3:12 PM

    Happy Easter Dizzle,

    Time to get us this money before the weekend ends..Well we are up like 20Grand but im greedy buddy need more money ; HAAHHAA

  2. Lakers can not shot. No bench scorers this over293 play is done! They will never get close to over193 hope we get it back on the late play.

  3. Lets get it back on Knicks/Clipps game .
    Still up $19,100 for the week
    That's why we can afford these little slip ups, dizz has us up big money so no problems.

  4. Looking into your whole month package ; Looks to be good value. Also can you email me the full info on your Guarnteed packages, Thanks Travis

  5. Hey Randizzle i am on the Twitter list i need that info so i can get that special deal for the Nba Playoffs / MLb 2 months - I messaged you earlier , will wait for your info.

    Do you like Yankees on ML?

  6. 13-3-1 Nice run not bad Mr.Randy,

    I will take that percentage every week most guys get lucky to hit 58% your consistently over 65% which makes a huge difference.

    Well i am known on Covers forum (Estes) been around a long time an Randizzle is a legitimate capper i give him much respect, plus the guaranteed packages are the best in the industry he really puts it on the line everyday with his plays.

    Anyone that needs proof email me at (Will answer any questions about my experience with dizzle)

  7. Estes your a great capper as well so i will take your advice. Thanks for getting back to me on email so quickly.

    Randizzle i emailed you for the 2+month pacakge
    Dave Parente

  8. need a package just saw the writeup for you on twitter. need some big winners
    on twitter i messaged you

  9. Great job the real Estes approved you. Not that fake on Covers. The guy that uses Estes name on covers is a total fraud he stole the name from the official Estes...

    The real Estes email is
    Do not be fooled by the impostor on Covers site because that guy is horrible and his plays really suck ; ask him why he never post his records ...HE SUCKS BAD! Just email the real Estes for confirmation or his picks.

  10. Good call on the Baseball Over9 play.

  11. Well he does us good again "RANDIZZLE THE GREAT"
    What a performance this week {15-3-1 +$21,600}
    good stuff..