Saturday, November 7, 2009

DaExperts ***WISEGUY CFB MASSACRE*** (6 Top Plays)

DaExpert's "Members Plays"
CFB Selections- Free Preview Plays SAT - Nov 7 -DaExpert
20*CFB: Wake Forest @ G-Tech (3:35pm) *WISEGUY PLAYS* "WAKE FOREST +14.5 (BUY 1/2)" *FREE PREVIEW* 20*CFB: Wash U @ Ucla (3:35pm) *WISEGUY PLAYS* "UCLA -5" *FREE PREVIEW* 20*CFB: Ohio St @ Penn St (3:35pm) *WISEGUY PLAY* "OHIO ST +6 (BUY 1 POINT)" *FREE PREVIEW* ADD ON PLAYS:CFB PICKS 20*CFB: Uconn @ Cincy (3:35pm) *WISEGUY PLAYS* "CINCY/UCONN UNDER 52 (BUY 1/2)" *FREE PREVIEW* 20*CFB: Fla St @ Clemson (7:45pm) *WISEGUY PLAYS* "CLEMSON -8 (BUY 1/2)" *FREE PREVIEW* 20*CFB: USC @ Ari St (3:35pm) *WISEGUY PLAY* "ARI ST +11.5" *FREE PREVIEW* DaExpert's:CFB&NBA&NFL PACKAGES-REDUCED PRICES Weekly Subscription (All Sports-NFL&CFB&NBA&CBB):$155 Weekly Subscription (All Football-NFL&CFB):$105 Monthly Subscription (All Sports):$295 Monthly Subscription (All Football):$225 Yearly Subsrciption (All Sports Play-Every Sport):$595 Yearly Subscription (All Football Plays-NFL&CFB):$425 All Members Plays will be sent Any questions email me anytime & all "Free Trial Plays" will be posted only on the Blog! *Top Notch* info daily to help us all in the quest of beating the books every single day.


  1. Expert im on all three plays big
    You need to step it up

  2. La Dodger Fan (Carmine)November 7, 2009 at 6:54 PM

    Nice start 2-1 +18 units

  3. Nice way to get us going Expert..solid

  4. Need Winners (Dean)November 7, 2009 at 11:26 PM

    great call on the clemson tigers also arizona st covering late....maybe 4-2 today