Sunday, November 1, 2009

DaExpert's ~WISEGUY BOMBSHELL NFL PLAY'S~ (Vegas Line Gifts) (35-10 L45 All Sports Plays--Whos Hotter?)

DaExpert's "Members Plays"
("WISEGUY *20-Unit* PLAYS")
Saturday's Recap: Colorado +3.5: *Lose* (-20Units) Texas -8: *WIN* (+20Units) Oregon +3.5: *WIN* (+20Units) +$1,8oo In Profits on the day.... The books keep throwing numbers at me & all i do is "POUND" them into the ground every single day, it does not matter how big a Favorite you make a team i will exploit the line & as you saw last night with both my "WISEGUY" Winners , i destroy big games!Yesterday i had a awful start with (Colorado) getting hammered, but that did not disrupt my plan for the day or make me start chasing (Like some guys on this site) all it did was make me get "Sharper" with my last 2 plays & i absolutely "HAMMERED" both >>>>First we totally outclassed the books with (Texas-9) which was a gift-they should have been Favorite by 17 & then the "Public Fade" of the year with my (Oregon +3.5) easy "Blowout" winner over the most overrated team in the nation Usc... "FOUR NFL:LINE MISTAKES (10-14 Point Gifts) Vegas actually is giving me 4 lines today that are just horrendous & each line is off by a whopping 10-14 points. Members it is time these bookmakers & linesmakers start realizing i am the "HOTTEST" "WISEGUY" in the industry-hands down! You guys need to stop letting your capper chase you into a blackhole before the holidays & start letting real cappers like myself make you money so you can enjoy the games, instead of stressing during them. "Guys, if you want to expand those bankrolls going into the Holidays, the time is now in the NBA&CFB&NFL---Tonight we WHACK the BOOKS in a big way agian..Guaranteed!" Week 9 CFB Selections SUN - Nov 1 -DaExpert
10*Rams @ Lions (1:00pm) *VEGAS EXPLOITER* "RAMS/LIONS OVER43" *FREE PREVIEW* 20*Sf 49ers @ Indy Colts (1:00pm) *WISEGUY PLAY* "SF 49ERS +14.5 (BUY 1 POINT)" 10*Raiders @ Sd Chargers (4:05pm) *VEGAS EXPLOITER* "RAIDERS/CHARGERS OVER41 (BUY .5)" 20*Minny @ GB Packers (4:20pm) *WISEGUY PLAY* "GREEN BAY PACKERS -2.5 (1ST HALF PLAY)" DaExpert's:CFB&NBA&NFL PACKAGES Weekly Subscription (All Sports-NFL&CFB&NBA&CBB):$175 Weekly Subscription (All Football-NFL&CFB):$149 Monthly Subscription (All Sports):$325 Monthly Subscription (All Football):$275 Yearly Subsrciption (All Sports Play-Every Sport):$755 Yearly Subscription (All Football Plays-NFL&CFB):$495 All Members Plays will be sent Any questions email me anytime & all "Free Trial Plays" will be posted only on the Blog! No longer posting on Covers, as you have seen they choose to ban my name, but they will not stop me from giving out *Top Notch* info daily to help us all in the quest of beating the books every single day.


  1. So fucking true expert .... so true!
    Please send me sign up info i emailed you 5 minutes ago {Name-Yan Jansen}

  2. Enjoying your picks since last week expert

    Right now i am 16-3 with you in nba/nfl/cfb
    simply amazing stuff.

  3. Up early on the SF play Colts are tough so lets see

  4. OUCH GUYS!!! Better luck next week...

  5. OUCH??? Hey dickface he is still up over 70 Units for the week moron... Funny how the haters wait and wait and wait like 12 days before he had 1 losing day

    Get lost LOSER!

    Expert you da man still 15-5 for the week

  6. Why are you making obscene name calls? I didn't mean it in a sense of being a jerk. I loss on a few of these as well. I was just stating that it was a bad day for us "all of us". You don't have to defend anyone. Da Expert is great! No bashing from me. Take it easy dude.

  7. Wow 15-5? I don't recall so many plays this past week.

  8. Do your homework and look what he played this week , including his nba plays..

    Being anonymous just proves your here to bash his one bad day after about 12 straight winning days.

    Stop being mad your on the outside looking in the members of his service has made more then enough to withstand a small loss today