Sunday, November 1, 2009

Randizzles' *Sunday Afternoon NFL Bookie Buster* (5 BIG BOMBS!)

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*Members* Exclusive Plays Sunday, November 1, 2009 NBA&NFL&CFB PICKS *Full Members Plays & Full Free Preview Picks*

NFL:Denver @ Ravens Time: 1:00 pm est The Pick: (15 Units) *RAVENS -3 (Buy .5)* *FREE PREVIEW* NFL:Miami @ Jets Time: 1:00 pm est The Pick: (10 Units) *MIAMI +4.5 (Buy 1 Point)* NFL:Giants @ Eagles Time: 1:05 pm est The Pick: (10 Units) *EAGLES&GIANTS -OVER 44* NFL:Jacksonville @ Tennessee Time: 4:10 pm est The Pick: (10 Units) *TENNESSEE -2.5 (Buy .5)* NFL:Vikings @ Gb Packers Time: 4:20 pm est The Pick: (20 Units) *GB PACKERS/MINNY -OVER 46 (Buy 1 Point)* Every lean & play updated & documented on twitter & the blog Time stamps on twitter & the blog to keep things 100% honest!

Note:All members plays are posted on the blog & twitter right after kickoff or 1st pitch etc....done for tracking purposes. Free plays are posted 30 minutes before games start.

Randizzles (nba) Season Plays & Record: La Clippers +12 (3 Units) *WIN* Hornets/Spurs Over186 (3 Units) *WIN* Minny +2 (5 Units) *WIN* Clippers/Suns Under218.5 (5 Units) *WIN* Denver +8.5 (10 Units) *WIN**POD* No/Sacramento Over201 (11 Units) *Lose* *POD* Dallas +8.5 (10 Units) *WIN* *POD* NBA Season Record=6-1 +25Units=+$2,500 *RANDIZZLE'S CFB&NFL&NBA PACKAGE INFO* *NFL&CFB&NBA PACKAGE DEALS* *MLB WORLD SERIES INCLUDED FREE ON ALL PACKAGES* 1)NFL&CFB&NBA Package 1 week-($175)... 2)NFL&CFB&NBA Package 1 month-($315)*SAVE OVER $350* 3)NFL&CFB&NBA Package 2 months of plays ($475) *SPECIAL PRICE-SAVE OVER $300* 4)NFL&CFB Full Season ($575) (*COMBINED SPECIAL FULL CFB&NFL) 5)CFB Full Season ($455) (*SPECIAL FULL SEASON PRICE*) 6)NFL Full Season ($425) (*SPECIAL FULL SEASON PRICE*) 7)NBA Full Season ($545) (*SPECIAL START OF THE SEASON PRICE*) 8)NFL&CFB&NBA Full Season ($695) (*SPECIAL FULL SEASON PRICE*SAVE OVER $1,700) Note:MLB Playoffs are included *FREE* in all packages!

Let me know the package that you like & i will send all payment options asap.....

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  1. be better today and everything will be ok.

  2. Looks like 2-0 already..

  3. good bounce back dizz
    3-0 +35units---thats how you man up 2 more to go lets get these.

  4. nice looking day so far.
    are we playing the world series later? email me randy

  5. 5-0 65 huge units made big DIZZZZZZZLE
    HAHAHHAHA you shut those fags up today

  6. Dizzz thank u for the complete domination today.

  7. Now that's what i am talking about Dizzzle
    5-0 in the nfl is real tough to do

  8. Randy i hit a 5-Team parlay for $17,200 with these plays i just made more money today then i have ever made in 7 months of betting '

    I just took a screenshot of your plays so i can see it on my screensaver every day ' i have so much love for you man you have no clue ..$17,200 on a 5-teamer man i can not sleep just so amped up '

    Randizzle your one tough son of a bitch you never get down on yourself thats a big factor why i roll with you. Good call in the nba (Now i have money to get baskets package) what a day .