Wednesday, November 11, 2009

DaExpert's *100% RUN ROLLS ON*NBA&CBB FULL EXPLOSION (6-0 L6 Plays)

DaExpert is a PERFECT 6-0 in his L6 *All Sports* plays, going 12-4 (incl. free plays) overall the 4 days. Speaking of perfect, DaExpert is also a PERFECT 4-0 with his last four *20* "Wiseguy" tickets. I won my clients Ohio/Buffalo Over 46 easily last night and I look to get them rolling in the right direction with Two NBA plays & my COLLEGE BASKETBALL debut *20unit* "Wiseguy play" CAL vs DETROIT this winner in tonight's CBB matchup between two teams that has us getting a huge line advantage---"Those winners you need to break your book daily are right here & all those sitting on the sidelines & still losing??? Well when you keep paying your book & seeing negative money in your account, it might be time to put your pride aside & start letting a "REAL EXPERT" hammer your book for you--Hey its only your hard earned money at risk"! CBB & NBA Selections- Members Plays (12-4 L-4days +$12,100) WED - Nov 11 -DaExpert
20*NBA:Cavs @ Orlando (8:05pm) *WISEGUY PLAY* "ORLANDO/CAVS OVER 190 (BUY 1/2) 10*NBA:Hornets @ Suns (10:35pm) *VEGAS EXPLOITER PLAY* "HORNETS +7" 20*CBB:Detroit @ Cal Bears (11:05pm) *WISEGUY PLAY* "DETROIT +19 (BUY 1/2 POINT) CFB&NBA&NFL PACKAGES-REDUCED PRICES Weekly Subscription (All Sports-NFL&CFB&NBA&CBB):$155 Weekly Subscription (All Football-NFL&CFB):$125 Monthly Subscription (All Sports):$275 Monthly Subscription (All Football):$225 Yearly Subscription (All Sports Play-Every Sport):$575 Yearly Subscription (All Football Plays-NFL&CFB):$395 All Members Plays will be sent Any questions email me anytime & all "Free Trial Plays" will be posted only on the Blog! *Top Notch* info daily to help us all in the quest of beating the books every single day.


  1. PimpDaddy (Covers Legend)November 11, 2009 at 6:42 PM

    This is why your hot --expert on fireeeeeee letys go another 3 winners.

  2. The over in the cavs game will come down to foul shooting expert . Shaq & Howard miss at a 65% rate so that will not help our over. Anyway your the expert so lets see if this over hits

  3. Over looking good after 3rd q

  4. nice call on the over mr.Expert , but that was scary i mean they just stop scoring in the 2ndhalve ,, well we won another wiseguy bomb so thats all that matters now lets get this college bomb to hit.

  5. Expert what happened to the hornets man??? they suck

    Good call on Cavs but we need this cbb game Detroit to cover or we have a bad night.
    Detroit looking bad down 16