Saturday, October 10, 2009


CFB 33-15 11-2 in my last 13! Last Saturday 6-1! Guys I dont need need to do alot of talking, my record speaks for itself. I am the hottest CFB capper in the industry. So sign up now and dont miss the best Saturday you have ever had. I am releasing 10 plays today and believe me there is a good chance we will sweep the board. SATURDAY: 12:00PM PURDUE AT MINNESOTA THE PICK (10 UNITS)---"MEMBERS PLAY----PURDUE +3 (FREE PREVIEW)" 12:00PM AUBURN AT ARKANSAS THE PICK (5 UNITS)----"MEMBERS PLAY----AUBURN -2.5" 12:00PM BOSTON COLLEGE AT VA TECH THE PICK (15 UNITS)----"MEMBERS PLAY-----VA TECH -13.5 12:20PM GEORGIA AT TENNESSEE THE PICK (5 UNITS)-----"MEMBERS PLAY-----GEORGIA +1.5" 12:30PM HOUSTON AT MISSISSIPPI ST THE PICK (10 UNITS)----"MEMBERS PLAY-----HOUSTON +3" 3:30PM CONNECTICUT AT PITTSBURGH THE PICK (5 UNITS)-----"MEMBERS PLAY----PITTSBURGH -6.5" 3:30PM WISCONSIN AT OHIO ST THE PICK (10 UNITS)-----"MEMBERS PLAY----OHIO STATE -14" 3:30PM DUKE AT NC STATE THE PICK (10 UNITS)------"MEMBERS PLAY----NC STATE -15" 3:30 PM ALABAMA AT OLE MISS THE PICK (10 UNITS)------"MEMBERS PLAY----OLE MISS +5.5 (BUY 1 POINT)" 8:00PM MICHIGAN AT IOWA THE PICK (20 UNITS-ADDED UNITS)-------"IOWA -7 (BUY 1 POINT)" *PLAY OF THE YEAR* Note:All members plays are posted on the blog , right after kickoff for tracking purposes. Those that are *Members*have the plays emailed the morning before games start. Free plays are posted 2-4 hours before games kickoff. SIGN UP TODAY WHILE PACKAGES ARE STILL CHEAP AND LETS CASH THESE WINNERS!!! WOW'S-NFL&CFB *SEASON SPECIAL PACKAGE PRICES*E-MAIL FOR MEMBERS PACKAGE DEALS & PLAYS DAILY 1)NFL&CFB Package 1 week-($125)... 2)NFL&CFB Package 1 month-($245)*Special Price* 3)NFL&CFB Package 2 months of plays ($405) *SAVE $85 4)CFB Full Season ($495)*Special Price* 5)NFL Full Season ($455)*Special Price* 6)NFL&CFB Full Season($675) (Over 475 Plays)*Save Over* $750


  1. WOW big day i see....10 plays for us members

  2. I gotta give you your money's worth brother!!!

  3. man you sux bad today. I guess you pick too many. you are turning cold.