Monday, October 12, 2009


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I've been to the winner's circle 3 of the first 4 Monday Nights this season, including my clutch call last week of (Over 45) in the Vikings-Packers showdown. While amateur handicappers pointed to the general tendency of divisional games to be close-to-the-vest and the conservative offense, Minnesota employed the first three weeks, I was convinced it would be different. Like Brett Favre, I've been to the top of my world, and I know from personal experience that sometimes great ones can't be held back. Favre had a big game, the Pack had to try and match him and the points flowed freely--as did the money for my clients and I! Now I'm back for more on another Divisional showdown as the Jets play the Dolphins? I love this game so much & the *SHARPS* in Vegas are pounding this play at 4 major books on the strip , so that means only one thing *Members---I will have the (Total/Side/Half Time) Winners & we have all three plays as *POD'S*!

*Members* Exclusive Plays Monday, October 12, 2009 MLB&NFL&CFB PICKS *Full Members Plays*

NFL:Ny Jets @ Miami Time: 8:30 pm est *ESPN* *1ST HALF PLAY* The Pick: (10 Units) *JETS-2* *POD PLAY*

NFL:Ny Jets @ Dolphins Time: 8:30 pm est *TOTAL PLAY* The Pick: (10 Units) *JETS/MIAMI -OVER 35 (BUY 1)* *POD PLAY* NFL:Ny Jets @ Miami Dolphins Time: 4:05 pm est *ESPN* The Pick: (20 Units) *NY JETS -ML (-160)* *POD ALERT* Every lean & play updated & documented on twitter & the blog Time stamps on twitter & the blog to keep things 100% honest! RANDIZZLES *POD* TRACKING: (49-23-1 L 73 *POD'S*)

Randizzles (cfb) Week 1-6 Record: Hawaii +7 (13 Units) *Lose* *POD* So Miss -9 (12 Units) *Lose* Colorado +17.5 (20 Units) *WIN* *POD* Byu -23.5 (18 Units) *Lose* *POD* So Fla/Cuse -Over46.5 (10 Units) *WIN* Duke +17.5 (10 Units) *WIN* Wake Forest -ml (15 Units) *WIN* *POD* LSU +4.5 (10 Units) *WIN* Washington +11.5 (10 Units) *WIN* Miami +8 (10 Units) *WIN* Nebraska/Mizzou Over50 (18 Units) *Lose* *POD* La Tech +11.5 (5.5 Units) *Lose* Alabama/Ole Miss -Over44 (6 Units) *Lose* Ucla +4.5 (6 Units) *Lose* Michigan +9 (10 Units) *WIN* *POD* LSU +11 (20 Units) *WIN* *POD* Record Week's 1-6= 26-17 +48 Units= +$4,800

Randizzles (nfl) Week's 1-4 Record: Pittsburgh -ml (5 Units) *WIN* Pittsburgh -3 1st halve (5 Units) *WIN* Pitt/Chargers Over 42 (15 Units) *WIN* *POD* Packers/Vikes Over 45 (10 Units) *WIN* *POD* Oakland +17 (5.5 Units) *Lose* Cleveland/Buff Over 41 (5.5 Units) *Lose* Patriots -ml (23 Units) *Lose* *POD* Atlanta +1 (10 Units) *WIN* *POD* Titans (18 Units) *Lose* *POD* Record Week's 1-5=20-18-1 -4Units= -$400 Randizzles (mlb) Playoff Record: Cards/Dodgers -Over7 (10 Units) *WIN**POD* Philly -ml (3 Units) *WIN* *Game1* Boston -ml (5 Units) *Lose* *Game1* Boston -Over8 (3.3 Units) *Lose* *Game2* La Angels -ml (5 Units) *WIN* Playoff Record=3-2 +9.7 Units= +$970

Note:All members plays are posted on the blog & twitter right after kickoff or 1st pitch etc....done for tracking purposes. Free plays are posted 30 minutes before games start.

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  1. Two rookie QB'S ...I know your hammering the UNDER!!! THE UNDER 36 IS A LOCK

  2. Well you and WOW are kinda up against each other on this game....He has Miami +4 you have Jets-ML
    maybe i will play both & cash both



  4. Ok dizzle , 1 down 2 more to go..
    Jets started really slow but i think they need to get ball to Leon Washington more , they should run some more screens to him.

    Nice hit on the 1st Half play & the over looks good so far

  5. Dizz 2-1 tonight ... i played all three for $600 each so it was ok night.