Saturday, October 31, 2009

DaExpert's ~WISEGUY ALERT~ (23-5 L28 Cfb Plays) (2-0 Sweep L-Night) The Winning Continues!

DaExpert's "Members Plays"
("WISEGUY *20-Unit* PLAYS")
We smash both plays again and i we are just in a zone right now members---every play i touch right now turns to $$$$ & profits galore....Just look at my last week of plays in (NFL&NBA&CFB) i am 17-4 making over $8,500 in book crushing *Profits*. Well today i love three later plays that i have had my eye on & now i have the lines in my favor so its about that time to just *Unload* on them....Lets get those duffel bags ready Members, because the money i am making is getting really serious & we just might need to start shipping some overseas.Nothing like a Saturday full of Football & most of all *WINNING WAGERS* $$$$$$$ "Guys, if you want to expand those bankrolls going into the Holidays, the time is now in the NBA&CFB&NFL---Tonight we WHACK the BOOKS in a big way agian..Guaranteed!" Week 8 CFB Selections SAT - Oct 31 -DaExpert
20*Missouri @ Colorado (1:30pm) *WISEGUY PLAY* "COLORADO +3.5" *FREE PREVIEW* 20*Texas @ Okie St (8:00pm) *WISEGUY PLAY* "TEXAS -8 (BUY 1 P)" 20*Usc @ Oregon (8:00pm) *WISEGUY PLAY* "OREGON +3.5 (BUY 1/2 P)" DaExpert's:CFB&NBA&NFL PACKAGES Weekly Subscription (All Sports-NFL&CFB&NBA&CBB):$175 Weekly Subscription (All Football-NFL&CFB):$149 Monthly Subscription (All Sports):$325 Monthly Subscription (All Football):$275 Yearly Subsrciption (All Sports Play-Every Sport):$755 Yearly Subscription (All Football Plays-NFL&CFB):$495 All Members Plays will be sent Any questions email me anytime & all "Free Trial Plays" will be posted only on the Blog! No longer posting on Covers, as you have seen they choose to ban my name, but they will not stop me from giving out *Top Notch* info daily to help us all in the quest of beating the books every single day.


  1. Expert your more then hot . more like sizzling

  2. Leaning on USC but i will wait for your WISEGUY PICK.

  3. Colorado blows... Man they are messing up big time!

  4. i played Texas big but stayed away from Oregon.

  5. Thank You Thank You
    Mr.Expert ... That is why i only follow you

    nice day 2-1 $1,800 made

  6. Yup he's the man... If only Colorado hadn't messed up so bad and had such a lame Coach...

  7. Nice comeback man >>>>>
    thats how you get back on the mat so we can make a nice chunk of money to end the night.

    Will await those super nfl plays in the morning,Expert. Thank you sir

  8. Hey no more tailing randizzle for me
    Expert i will sign up with you starting tmrw
    your much better then him overall...

  9. I just emailed you Expert

    Ken Bailey.

    Very nice off you for taking $75 off the all sports package. Appreciate it alot

    Guys i was a Randizzle member and after he tanked today the Expert is letting us get his ALL SPORTS MONTHLY PACKAGE for only $250 (He took off $75 from the original price)
    This is a steal just look what he did the last week. I just thought it was a nice gesture for all of us Randizzle members who need to get better cfb / nfl plays