Friday, September 4, 2009

Randizzles' Nightly ((((CFB RECAP)))) Week 1.....

Hope all the *Members are enjoying the huge winnings from tonight & i just wanted to say thanks for letting me lead you guys to beating your books up this year. Tmrw will be another huge night in (CFB) & some MLB & then Saturday (Oh boy) tell the wife & kids to go out , because i am going hard & we will be Whupping Some Bookie Ass! Guys i promise to be available to everyone 24/7 everyday & whenever you need anything im here to lean on . You guys thought last year was fun (HaHaHa) well my goal is to make this year 20x times better ... Woooooooooooooooooo 3-0 & up 25 Units on the books already, so lets get pumped up & remember this time of year is when the "BIG DOGS" Stomp (No time for losing Cappers) & as you saw tonight i will be stomping alot.....Lets goooooooooo $$$$$$$ Randizzles(cfb)Week 1 Record: Boise st -ml (10 Units) *WIN* Boise st -3 (10 Units) *WIN* Bowling Green +7.5 (5 Units) *WIN* Record Week 1 = 3-0 +25 Units RANDIZZLE : )


  1. Michael : Rx FollowerSeptember 4, 2009 at 2:58 AM

    No doubting you anymore dizzzzzle

  2. this guy is money in the bank , sick - just sick

  3. now thats how you open up on 1st nite in col fb! u the man dizz great job!

  4. Just like old times dizz way to get started

  5. Friday, September 3, 2009

    (((ANNOUNCEMENT))) Watch out for scammers!

    As some of you guys know my account on the RX was hacked & that is not me posting from it. The people that are using my old (Randizzle14) account on the RX are Scammers trying to lure you into a site they set up using my name.

    Do not fall for the people saying i am on another site, it just is not true. All im looking to do is give top plays everyday & all my followers can track me right here or via my Twitter page ( i have proof that im the same guy that produced (78%) winners last year & i also have proof of the RX trying to buy my name out (Getting me to let them post using my account) when i did not agree, four days later the account was hacked & now we have someone else posting from it.

    No matter what i will still give winners & anyone that wants to track me or needs questions answered, fell free to email me at anytime & i will give you 100% Truthful Facts...

    Now lets get back to winning some *Football Games

  6. The truth is in the plays!

    Randizzle14 (BLOG) 3-0 +25Units

    The "FRAUD-FAKE" Randizzle (Website) 0-1 -1.1Units

    Now enough talking about the frauds using my name, i will let my winners & my making money for all my members & followers do my talking!



  7. Jay Jay (Covers Follower)September 4, 2009 at 1:56 PM

    Randy just focus on the plays no need to let the imitators get to you.
    Imitation is just another man really telling everyone how good you are thats why the need to immitate you and creat those bogus sites.

    RANDIZZLE:Imitated but never duplicated!
    Back to football tonight lets get another 3-0 night