Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Randizzle's MLB *5 Unit* APPETIZER! (4 CFB Plays Ready To Unload On)

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Tulsa vs Tulane

(+13½, 64½) Fri-Sept 4, 8:00 pm (EST) *ESPN*

With Tulsa head coach Todd Graham keeping his starting QB a mystery for now, Tulane is going to have to prepare for three different looks when they host the Golden Hurricane on Friday night.

This game is televised on ESPN. Tulsa coach Todd Graham said he will not publicly name his starting QB because he doesn’t want Tulane to know until kickoff. However the team knows who it will be.

My Cfb spy reports that G.J. Kinne has taken the most reps. He is part of a three-man race to replace senior David Johnson. Of the three, Jacob Bower with 11 completions last season is the most experienced.

Tulane has a new defensive coordinator, Steve Stanard, who must prepare for three QBs who bring different looks.


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Boise St vs Oregon

(-4, 64) Thu-Sept 3, 10:15 pm (EST) *ESPN*


Notre Dame vs Nevada

(-14, 61) Sat-Sept 5, 3:30 pm (EST) *NBC*


Alabama vs V-Tech

(-6.5 , 38) Sat-Sept 5, 8:00 pm (EST) **ABC**


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  1. Loved your work last year at the RX ; im on board tmrw after work

  2. Got it in already
    Your nfl is doing good as well

  3. Randy your money in the bank
    Last year was the best job i have ever seen a capper do in college & now your becoming really good in baseball&nfl.

    whats next ???? GOLF