Saturday, September 26, 2009

Randizzles' ***CFB-FULL MONSTER VEGAS SMASHING CARD*** (4 Explosive Money Makers)

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I've got four fabulous plays for this coming Saturday. When was the last time you went 4-0 on Saturday? I'm guessing it's been awhile, but get ready, because I'm set to make sure you sweep the board this week! These are games that have all graded out above an 86 percent chance of covering the number, according to the same systems that I've used to break the books the past two years. I've made my members over 97Units this year & even with a little two game slump - im brushing it off because the *Bankroll i built the first three weeks , leaves us still sitting pretty & that is why being on board with me, keeps you in the plus & never in the negatives like those fraudulent cappers who need to chase-chase all year trying to recover losses, i am playing with a fat roll & today im looking to add to it & bless my members going into NFL on Sunday! I'm not afraid to bet my opinions with real money and to BET THEM BIG! I want you with me for this Saturday's Extravaganza! It's Four Saturday Sureshots to bet all you want-Now lets get back to making BIG MONEY!

*Members* Winners for Saturday, September 26, 2009 MLB&NFL&CFB PICKS *Full Members Plays & 1 Free Play* CFB:Mich St @ Wisconsin Time: 12:00 pm est *ESPN2* The Pick: (5 Units) *WISCONSIN-ML (-130)* *FREE PLAY*

CFB:Miami @ Virginia Tech Time: 3:35 pm est *ABC* The Pick: (15 Units) *MIAMI -ML (-135)* *POD PLAY*

CFB:Notre Dame @ Purdue Time: 8:05 pm est *ESPN* The Pick: (10 Units) *NOTRE DAME -6*

CFB:Iowa @ Penn St Time: 8:05 pm est *ABC* The Pick: (10 Units-Added Units) *IOWA +10 (Buy .5)* Every lean & play updated & documented on twitter & the blog Time stamps on twitter & the blog to keep things 100% honest! RANDIZZLES *POD* TRACKING: (38-12-1 L 51 *POD'S*)

Randizzles (cfb) Week 1-3 Record: Colo St +11.5 (5 Units) *WIN* Cincy +5 (5 Units) *WIN* Miami +6.5 (10 Units) *WIN* *POD* G.Tech -5 (5.5 Units) *Lose* Toledo/Colorado -Over 54 (5 Units) *WIN* N.Dame -ml (7.5 Units) *Lose* Ohio St +7.5 (15 Units) *WIN* *POD* Sc/Georgia Over 39.5 (5 Units) *WIN* Miami -3 (10 Units) *WIN* *POD* Boise St/Fresno St -Over 52 (5 Units) *WIN* Oregon St/Cincy -Over 56 (6.5 Units) *Lose* Nebraska/V-Tech -Under 52 (5 Units) *WIN* Georgia Bulldogs +3 (10 Units) *WIN* *POD* Ole Miss/SC -Over 50.5 (12.5 Units) *Lose* *POD* Nevada +8.5 (19.5 Units) *Lose* *POD* Record Week's 1-4= 15-7 +51 Units=+$5,100 Randizzles (nfl) Week 1&2 Record: Titans +7 (10 Units) *WIN* *POD* Miami +4.5 (5.5 Units) *Lose* Washington +7 (5 Units) *WIN* GB Packers -4 (10 Units) *WIN* *POD* Pats/Bills Over 47 (10 Units) *WIN* *POD* La Raiders +11 (5 Units) *WIN* Ny Jets +4 (5 Units) *WIN* Carolina +7 (6.5 Units) *Lose* Pittsburgh/Bears Over 37 (6.5 Units) *Lose* SD Chargers/Ravens Over 40.5 (5 Units) *WIN* NY Giants/Cowboys Over 44 (15 Units) *WIN* *POD* Miami Dolphins +4 (5 Units) *Push* Record Week's 1&2=8-3-1 +46.5Units=+$4,650 Note:All members plays are posted on the blog & twitter right after kickoff or 1st pitch etc....done for tracking purposes. Free plays are posted 30 minutes before games start.

*RANDIZZLE'S CFB&NFL PACKAGE INFO* *VERY CHEAP & PROFITS ARE GUARANTEED* 1)NFL&CFB Package 1 week-($175)... 2)NFL&CFB Package 1 month-($275)*MAKE 50x YOUR INTIAL INVESTMENT* 3)NFL&CFB Package 2 months of plays ($475) *SPECIAL PRICE-SAVE $75* 4)NFL&CFB Full Season ($795) (*COMBINED SPECIAL FULL CFB&NFL) 5)CFB Full Season ($575) (*SPECIAL FULL SEASON PRICE*) 6)NFL Full Season ($675) (*SPECIAL FULL SEASON PRICE*) Note:MLB Playoffs are included *FREE* in all packages!

Let me know the package that you like & i will send all payment options asap.....

Any questions email me

"When im working for you -Your only stress in life is explaining to your Wife, where all this money your making is actually coming from" "Give me a month & i will make a $100 bettor over $5,000 monthly & those are facts


  1. Ok randizz we need to get back on track , my roll is still fat but i would like a nice boost today--heres to getting back on the winning track

  2. Nice winner on wisconsin blowout
    Now lets get this miami game to hit


  4. looooooosing touch