Friday, September 18, 2009

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I have been capping since the age of 18 and have posted my plays for over 4 years now. I am a former college football player, as well as former college football coach. Football season is my biggest strength, and that is because I know the game, teams, coaches, schedules, etc. better than anyone else around. Along with providing many clients with sports betting picks and only being one of a very select few that can actually produce a solid winning percentage, I have been one of the most well known and respected posters in the sports handicapping world on sports and betting forums. I have found that over the years the best way to consistently make money wagering on sports is by betting on only a game or two a day.

These are games that my research and analysis has uncovered value in a certain team or lines I believe have been released wrong. Don't fool yourself anymore with huge unit plays or huge guarantees that no one in this business can match. Don't fool yourself with systems and chase progressions that will end up losing your money. What you get with me is simple: a sports handicapping advisor that is honest, provides winners through dedicated research and passion for sports.

Write-ups Many handicappers just give out their picks with little to no write-ups and often times they give very little thought into their plays. To me personally, this makes absolutely no sense at all. With me, you will always get every play released from my research, spreadsheets, formulas, and insights. Not only will your get the pick, but you will get my write-up outlying why we are playing the game I have advised you to. I flat bet every game including my Play of the Day. I personally feel that if someone can hit at a good percentage clip in the long run, it is the steady pace that turns a profit and flat betting is a sound way to go. My unit sizes range anywhere from 1-4 units, with 5 unit plays being my Play of the Day. To go “all-in” on one game is something I'm not a big fan of and will not do.

I cannot win every day, nor will I, but I have shown consistency for many, many years and am very proud of going the 2008-2009 season a documented clip of over a 60%. I work extremely hard at what I do and I take great pride in winning money for my clients over the long haul. This is sports investing and not a get rich over night type of deal. With my experience, dedicated research, spreadsheets, and formulas, I am a firm believer in my capping skills over the long haul. So that is it, no sales page, no pressure, just a hard-working handicapper determined to not only add money to your bankroll, but to ours as well. Whether you sign up for my service or not, I wish you the best in all of your sports betting.



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