Friday, September 18, 2009

A Born Winner_____ WOW-- A Covers Legend!

Ever since I was a child I have had an obsession with sports. I would go through books, newspapers, and magazines to learn every piece of information about every team in every sport. By the time I reached my teens, adults were so amazed with my knowledge that they started asking me about who I thought would win certain games. At that time I wasn't aware of why they were asking but they did and boy once they started they couldn't stop. By the time I was 14 my father's friends who were all big sports gamblers would call my house just to ask me of my opinion due to my success. Well now I'm alot older and still providing winners to those same guys and to a wider audience on betting websites and forums across the globe. I spend countless hours breaking down each and every play to assure my pick is the winning pick. Through careful line analysis and team research I will give you winners on a consistent basis. Guys I was born to pick winners this is my god given ability and I am positive I will not let you down. The way my plays work is like this: 3* - Small Play 5* - Medium Play 10* - Big Play The majority of my plays are Small and Medium Plays. Generally twice a week I will have a Big Play. Honestly I dont do alot of talking, I let my results speak for its self. I know for a fact we will make alot of money this year, just follow me and I will take you to the promise land!!! Yours Truly, WOW

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