Sunday, June 28, 2009


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  1. Hey guru , im getting the package for the 1 month . please email me back i sent a email to the address above / Chris Diaz

  2. Yeah i had the Atlanta Moneyline at (Even Money) so i played it for 5 Units instead of 4
    Best of luck to us. Going against Redsox shows some balls

  3. D-BO's Sports PicksJune 28, 2009 at 3:06 PM

    Atlanta up 2-0 but against Redsox they need to cash in with runners on base

  4. great call on Atlanta nice dog play Guru

  5. 2-0 so fa Guru . good job as always . Just to clear things up you are MLB GURU & NOT COLLEGEGURU ? Correct?

  6. Hotdog - Man you are hot MLB GURU . I might have to get a package deal with you im already with Bator&Collegeguru . so please hook your boy up.

    Laker Fan these guys are two different cappers one is strictly with the MLB plays & the other guy with Bator does all sports.
    Even if it was the same guy , he is still hitting the games so it would be even more impressive if they where the same guy- Think about it...that means this guy is giving 6 different plays a night & still hitting over a 70% clip, which if you moneymanage correct will get you paid every week.

    W/E i still think they are different but hey winners are winners no matter who da heck is giving them

    Just keep these winners coming MLB Guru or Collegeguru or whoever da heck u are - making money is what i care about