Saturday, June 6, 2009

Guru&Bators:Saturday Nite **MLB Cash Maker** - Bank it!

With the 2-0 SWEEP on Friday, Guru&Bator are on FIRE 11-3 the last 7 Nights in MLB with their Premium Reports & 10* Plays! April/May showed +55.47 Units in MLB profits and June is really heating up & looking like we will do it again! Last night our 10* POD was a winner on the Dodgers (Great Comeback) and now we are 16-4 with all our 10* POD's YTD! We extend it tonight with another MONSTER! Get this TOP RATED PLAY and cash! Lets Get $$$$ Members MLB (MEMBERS PLAYS-EMAIL NOW) LA ANGELS vs DETROIT: (5 Units) *ANGELS-ML* SD PADRES vs ARIZONA: (10 Units) *SD PADRES-ML* +115
Members Plays Recap: (6-05) MLB:Dodgers -ml "10 Units" *WIN* MLB:Cards Over 8.5 "5 Units" *WIN* 2-0 Record= +15 Units =+$1,500 $Guru&Bator'$ 30 day **ALL SPORTS** Special! Every sport, every day, for an entire 30 days! This is the most powerful and profitable package available as you get every one of Guru's & Bator's Pro Basketball (NBA-Finals), WNBA Basketball , and Major League Baseball (MLB) selections released for the next 30 days in a row... for just over $6 per day!


  1. ready when you are guys

  2. So you like kelvin escobar against detroit ?? even though escobar has not pitched in 2 years ??? i dont like it Bator

  3. another "POD" winner for you guys. good job again.

    1-1 +$650 ..i cant complain at that .

  4. I know your the real mr bator now , that other amateur on covers can not even get a plus day if his life depended on it (He Sucks Bad)

    Just wanted to track you guys for a week and you have proven to me and my buddies that you let your plays do the talking and they are talking very loudly , keep the winners up bator and guru cause you guys can make a whole lot of people money this summer

  5. My 6th day on your plays , looks like i will be cashing out big time this week (You guys together are fantastic) it seems you have a knack for hitting all your POD'S so that's good as i can put a little more on those now

    Would you recommend 2 or 3 team parlay on your plays today,Thanks in advance

  6. fake ? lol
    This is the only Bator that wins consistently - only morons care about someones name, i thought we all where GAMBLERS in this to make fucking money ? All i hear in the forums are a bunch of little girls worried about some ones stupid forum name

    Lets look at this in reality. The Bator that post on this blog is hitting 79% of his plays last time i calculated and the morons who post in some free forum is posting WINNERS at a horrible pace just over 39% (Now DOES YOUR BOOK CARE ABOUT SOME NAME?) when your following some FRAUD IN A FORUM because hypothetically you think he is the real bator? NO !!!! You still will lose your BANKROLL and have to pay your book cause you followed the idiot you thought was the real bator>>>>> then u wonder why Vegas loves PUBLIC MORON FREE PLAYERS...

    Then you have Bator on this blog who gives nothing but winners and proves his worth every day, but you still have immature lil girls who say "Oh he is the fake bator" ???? Who really gives a flying fuck if he is or isn't, THE GUY IS WINNING AND MAKING US MONEY!!!! Now when we collect at the end of the week does our book(ie) deduct money from us because we followed another Bator ???? No they dont , we still get all our money and it just goes to prove A NAME DOES NOT MEAN SHIT...THE PLAYS DO THE TALKING AND MAKING MONEY IS WHAT COUNTS!!!
    This Bator on this Blog is doing his talking with his Winning Plays