Monday, July 6, 2009

MrBator&C-Guru's *15 Unit* **BOOKIE BEATER**

Bator&C-Guru's Late Night Double Book Buster MrBator&CollegeGuru have been deadly with their plays the last three night's going (6-3) & hitting 3 *Play of the Day Selections & hitting both *Massive plays yesterday for a massive profit of +17 Units! It's not often the Dynamic Duo have a late night selection but tonight there really going to pound the books with TWO HUGE WINNERS! Join MrBator&C-Guru as they busts the books again! "Guys, you can go to bed knowing you have easy cash in the morning...I GUARANTEE it!" COLLEGEGURUSPICKS@GMAIL.COM MR.BATOR1@GMAIL.COM MLB PICKS (*MEMBERS PLAYS-EMAIL NOW* ) MLB:GIANTS vs FLA:(10 Units) *GIANTS UNDER 8.5* MLB:TEXAS vs ANGELS:(15 Units) *ANGELS-ML* *POD* Members Plays Recap: (7-5-09) Cleveland -RL "8 Units" *Lose* Dodgers -ML "10 Units" *WIN* Angels -ML "15 Units" *WIN* *POD* 2-1 Record= +17 Units = +1,700 MrBator&CollegeGuru's - Monthly MLB Selections -$175 *Profited in all three months of MLB* We have gone the first half of the baseball season making over $8,000 in Profits! Get our Monthly MLB Selections for only $175 for a 30 Day Pass! Members can expect anywhere from 100-125 MLB Selections every month! Thats as low as $1 a game from the *Champs who have profited every *Month this season & we also offer *EXCLUSIVE TOP PLAY SERVICE* You tell us what play you want to bet on - We give you the *Winner-Never done at anytime in this industry-You ask for a play on any game you want, Then You *Win! Join us now for only $175! (Email for full details) COLLEGEGURUSPICKS@GMAIL.COM MR.BATOR1@GMAIL.COM


  1. Winning is the name of the game Guru&Bator. you keep producing and i appreciate all you guys do. I dug out of a $3,500 hole and now im looking at you guys to keep me on track going into football
    Thank you for the plays

  2. Looking good so far - i dont want to jinx nothing but if we bang both of these im hitting the beach tmrw Bator.

    Gotta hand it to you - you get money w/o a doubt

  3. Should have been 2-0 Bator. Still made money nice hit with the "POD"