Tuesday, April 10, 2012

WHY INCARCERATED BOB IS A LEGIT SOURCE! (Mike Florio @ProFootballTalk Tell Em Why U Mad) #IBN

Documentation of "Incarcerated Bob" breaking the Stevie Johnson signing before the media had any clue. ESPN reports this 3days later and Mike Florio was nowhere to be found until after ESPN reported it.. #IBN nails his first signing of season
For those that say "Incarcerated Bob" only has sources in NFL -- Well he nailed the Carmelo Anthony trade last year & continued smacking late media clowns around by reporting the "BUZZ" that Mike D'Antoni was on his way to being let go.. Well it was finally announced 10 hours after #IBN tweeted this below. ESPN??? Crickets.. Bob on the money again.
Incarcerated Bob was the first to report the Seahawks & Flynn talking "CONTRACT" (Look At Date On Tweet) at this same exact time Mike Florio (Who once reported that Terry Bradshaw had died in a car accident..Ughh) was reporting the Dolphins had inside track.. As we know #IBN nailed it again!
This is when it gets juicy... Incarcerated Bob shook up Twitter and "Bills Mafia" when he reported that Mario Williams had indeed signed with the Bills & was not leaving Buffalo w/o a contract, like some other "JEALOUS" sites where reporting..Ummm "ProFootBalltalk" was that late website getting Bills Mafia nervous with his "FRAUDULENT GUESS" --- As we see again the man with the "REAL" sources was non-other then Incarcerated Bob! WIN #4
Bucs nation loved this Tweet from #IBN as he reported Carl Nicks was signing with Tampa Bay and he nailed this one a full 3hours before ESPN & PFT! Facts hurt huh "Hairpiece" Florio : )
#IBN Tweeted this big news about 4hours before Adam Schefter & of course Mike Florio didn't have this up on his "Sloppy 2nds" site until approx 9PM that night..OUCH! Incarcerated Bob just pounding away WIN #6.. Not bad for a guesser huh
And here it is, the BIGGEST story of the year & we all know who nailed this big boy. Peyton Manning - Denver Broncos! That was the tweet from Incarcerated Bob a full 3days before ESPN / PFT / YAHOO / NBC had an inclining on what went down. Everybody took shots at "Incarcerated Bob" saying things like:
1. He has no sources
2.Peyton will not play in the cold
3.Peyton will play for Titans (Oh that was Florio's Guess he had them front runners)
4.IBN is always wrong (Even though he nailed Peyton's Injury *Out For Year* before anyone) but Haters gonna Hate...
Bob stuck to his guns and tweeted again "Once Again Peyton Will Be Suiting Up For Broncos" 12hours before Manning made it official.. Florio with his big NBC deal, was nowhere to be found... AGAIN! Hmm so who's the real fraud?
The icing on the cake: Tim Tebow being traded to the Jets, full story broken step by step by the #1 All Sports Rumor guy in the business Incarcerated Bob... Bobby had Jets and Tebow talks nailed a full 36hr's before it went down or i should say before "The Wig" Florio & ESPN sniffed it out.  Also a bunch of lame ass jealous Jets fans continually tried to throw this Tebow & Jets rumor under the bus by saying #IBN had no sources he 's a fraud blah blah... Well how that work out?  A "She-Male" Jets Blogger by the name of "Stein" swore to all his followers on Twitter that Incarcerated Bob was guessing & he promised his "So Called Sources" in the Jets organization said that this rumor of Tebow and the Jets was bull shit... Hmm we know the ending to that story. Hey "Stein--e" how does Bob's Ass Taste Now. Nice sources CLOWN! WIN #8
So in closing, after all the hate you hear spread about #IBN Incarcerated Bob, he once again nails all the big stories before anybody (Haters On Forum & Blogs) might need some new ammo, cause that Nnamdi stuff is getting old (Oh FYI: Every media member missed on Nnamdi story.. not just Bobby) but hey when you continually bang out the biggest stories, those HATERS gonna HATE!


  1. Da Raiders Fan (Charlie)April 10, 2012 at 3:03 AM

    Florio was owned! That blog that says you are fraud never updates the stories you hit, now i know why ICB keep doing what you do. Twitter appreciates you

  2. Mets Fan (Little Dick Murphy)April 10, 2012 at 3:19 AM

    Classic sir damn Florio will be real upset now. Haaaaaaaa Haaaaa this was so true but so damn funny

  3. Big Bet Pete {SBR Lurker}April 10, 2012 at 6:31 AM

    Hey Bob, why not include the Carr - Cowboys signing you nailed or the Bennett -Giants tweet? I guess you didn't want to hurt Mr Douche Bag Florio's feelings anymore then you already have. Wow great write-up i will be RT'ing all day

  4. IBN is the truth! Good piece now i can just post this link when those bitches catch feelings in the forums. Keep up the great work.

  5. Official Incarcerated Bob Hater!April 11, 2012 at 1:45 AM

    Haters approve this message!

  6. Rotoworld just broke the news of Browns leaning towards T-Rich ; glad they follow this blog , you only had it 24hr's ago.


  7. I saw it live all of this happened on my Twitter feed almost everyday through free agency , Bobby made Florio and Espn look stupid breaking big news before the major media moguls.

  8. Hello Incarcerated Bob,

    I am warning you that legal action will be taken against the website if these post are not taken down. We at Pro Football Talk would seriously advise you on taking down the comments about Mr Florio, if no action is taken before the end of the business day, we will be forced to issue a cease and desist order.

    Thank you for the time,
    PFT Legal Team

  9. lol at "PFT legal team." what are you going to issue a C&D for? making fun of your hair? none of the content bob posted was originally posted by you or is owned by you. i thought you were a lawyer, florio? nice idle threat.

  10. HOLY SHIT... Mike Florio - WHY YOU MAD BITCH?

  11. C&D in a comment section?? no way thats real. someone tryna mess w u bob

  12. He mad #fuckflorio

  13. Florio,

    You are a hack. Stop being a bitter bitch. You should give your salary back to NBC, you never break any news, and when you attempt to break news it blows up in your face.

    How did Mario workout? How did Tebow workout? You even REACHED last week saying Dwayne Bowe was desperate to sign his tender out of fear of losing his money.

    Your reaction to sue incarcerated bob proves that he has you looking like a shook bitch. He is breaking shit out left and right, and he's making PAID HACKS like you look stupid. Probably hurts your job security too, but that's your problem.

    Incarcerated Bob is legit. Nuff said! Out.

  14. Yeap no way the legal threat is real. You can't order a C&D for an article based on opinion showing screenshots of the subject's Twitter account.

  15. I witnessed Mike Florio lose 15k at a Roulette table at the Borgata in Atlantic City in the summer of 2007. Hes been mad ever since, apparently.

  16. I still follow PFT for light info, but come on if that is the case it is time for Bob to get his own site going minus the gambling part so he too can sell out for millions of dollars to nbc, abc, fox or cbs.


  17. What a loser, I've never heard of ProFootballTalk anyway...my buddy sent me the Manning story from #IBN days before anyone else had it and I've loved getting news early on #IBN since. Obviously Florio is a cock sucker, just didn't know it was Bob's

  18. Florio doesn't matter, he isn't even relevant, I'm not sure he ever has been!

    All of NYC, JETS nation in particular has been counting down the days until his contract is up! Boring, ignorant and uninformed. This feud with #IBNGoodSquad and @incarceratedbob is only icing on the cake. F U Florio all the way from Ottawa, Canada.

  19. hahahahahah FLORIO IS A JOKE!!!! must suck to have Incarcerated Bob's ball sack stuck to your chin

  20. Clay : SBR Member :May 2, 2012 at 12:44 PM

    Bobby the Vilma news you had it on March 27 (Exact scenario) also Vilma will appeal , just as you reported.

    YOUUUUUU YOUUUUUUUU (Deniro Voice) Urrrrrr good u!

  21. Hey Bobby, thanks for link i knew people that hated never provided these screenshots for a reason.. Keep killing them also i saw you broke Forte and Rice re-uping before deadline after ESPN and florio said it was doubtful hahaha you beat them again.. oh well HATERS GONNA HATE right

  22. #IBN Is the TRUTH! That Draft guy just mad nobody follows his Kindergarten no substance blog. Notice he doesn't post all these when you are right.

    Didn't the Draft Bitch say you had no clue what you was talking about when you had Manning to the Broncos like 2 days before anybody??? Ouch he swung and miss on that damn now he mad huh

  23. Denver Gambler - KennyAugust 23, 2012 at 7:31 PM

    Hey Bobby boy you should add that Locker story you nailed also Deron Williams with Nets and Joe Johnson trade all from you first. Keep making the haters mad they think when they call you a fraud it makes people stop following all it does it make more people follow and find out the truth.

  24. Jesse Spector's Idol > IBNSeptember 25, 2012 at 10:11 AM

    Add the 10 stories you nailed in NBA / MLB this summer.. I fucks with IBN