Monday, July 6, 2009


Big Game Hunting Continues To Start The Week (2-1 +$1,650 Profits Made Y-day) This play is so strong that it’s being given the title of my AL GAME OF THE WEEK. One team is poised to make a big statement on Monday and will completely dominate their opponent with a focused effort. This 10 UNIT TOP PLAY has some advantages that the betting is ignoring, while the oddsmakers haven’t. The oddsmakers tipped their hand with this price, so don’t miss out on an EASY WINNER with my AL GAME OF THE WEEK. Big comeback day yesterday as we hit both *POD'S* (Boston-rl & Dodgers-ml) to get back on track & we will continue the *Winning in a big way tonight! MLB PICKS: *MEMBERS PLAYS:EMAIL NOW* MLB:ANGELS vs TEXAS: (10 Units) *ANGELS OVER 8.5* *POD* Members Plays Recap: (7-5-09) Dodgers -ml "15 Units" *WIN**POD* Braves -ml "13.5 Units" *Lose* Red Sox -rl "15 Units" *WIN* *POD* 2-1 Record= +16.5 Units= +$1,650 11-3 L14 *POD'S* & $8,350 Made in *PROFITS* L14 Days Randizzle - Randizzle's All-Sports Monthly Sampler! ($190-Its a Steal) Get all of one of the best up & coming (RX) Handicapper's, Randizzle's Winning picks for 1 month in ALL SPORTS! Give Dizzle 30 days and he'll have your bankroll in better shape than its ever been in. Join now while Dizzle is RED HOT with his selections. Get his detailed write ups and picks for one low price of just $190 for the next 30 days.(You will make the Package Fee back in 1 Night of my plays!) Being stubborn does not pay the bills - When u make over $6,000 in *Profits in one week-Then let me know if paying $190 was worth it $$$$$$$$$ STAY IN TOUCH WITH ALL MY UPDATED PICKS


  1. Im ready to get some money dizz

  2. nice call on this game , thanks for the email
    i was leaning on the opposite but i will roll with your call

  3. That is a winner . the over has hit already ty Randy now i can go to bed

  4. CappersNow NetworkJuly 7, 2009 at 1:24 AM

    Thats why i love your plays . You are a dangerous capper Randizzle i have big plans im making now that your my financial sports advisor

    This was an easy winner over 8.5 never a doubt

  5. cajunbookbuster (rx poster)July 7, 2009 at 2:48 AM

    I hit this play hard Randizzle thanks for sharing the plays again.

    Do not fall for the scammers that pretend they they are him. This my friends is the real deal right here on this blog , Randy knows how to pick winners just look what he has done in last 2 weeks

    Nothing but money and profits for us all