Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MrBator&Guru's :"The Champ Is Here!" (10* *POD* "SMASHER)

The "Undisputed Champions Of Baseball" (15-2 in our L17 *POD'S)
Another day & another "Bank Building" *7 *POD* Winner (Angels-ml) & the money is being made consistently every day , just sit back - let Bator&Guru keep pounding these books & enjoy the *Stress Free* way of life all summer long. How good does it feel to just keep *Winning* & keep *Collecting from the books , instead of always Paying out & Reloading ? It most feel refreshing Members to have 2 guys you can count on day in day out, & those not on board ??? Well you have nobody to blame but that person you see in the mirror every morning after waking up from another disasterous night of playing *Free Play *Forum LOSERS!!!!
Time to get back to work & make my Members *Winners again...See you guys at the *Cash Out Line....10* Big Boy Play goes tonight!

MLB PICKS (Plays Ready Email Now *Members* ) MLB:SEATTLE vs SD PADRES: (10 Units)*SEATTLE-ML* *POD*


Members Plays Recap: (6-15) MLB:Angels -ml "7 Units" *WIN**POD* 1-0 Record= +7 Units = +$700
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  1. Your picks are amazing guru & bator . lets get some money tonight again

  2. Ichiro baby !!!

  3. Yes you are the CHAMP OF BASEBALL
    Its like stealing from my online site. every night its an easy winner i just wait for the email and then watch how easy these plays win (wtf are u ?) how can you just win every fucking night , its scary how good your plays are.

    your making my little $199 investment into over $8,000 in 16 days . Keep this shit up and some gratitude is coming your way bator

  4. how about that fake MrBator on covers (LOL) that fool cant pick a winner if he had the results in front of him what a fraud loser he is. so funny how those guys in the forums go broke following some fake guy with your name