Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Randizzle's: "Take The Books $$$$ Tuesday" (14-7 L21 on the BASES!)

Told you guys i was getting back to business & Monday's easy *5 *Winner* is just the start of what will be a *Huge Profit* making week. No more talk just 3 more Winnes for today & LETS PLAY BALL! Enough of being a nice guy-Its time to bury your *Bookie..... MLB PICKS (Plays Ready Email Now *Members* ) MLB:PHILS vs BLUE JAYS: (3 Units)*PHILS OVER 8.5* MLB:METS vs BALTIMORE: (3 Units)*METS OVER 9.5* MLB:KC vs ARIZONA: (4 Units) *ARIZONA OVER 8.5**POD* Randizzlesplays@gmail.com Members Plays Recap: (6-15) MLB:Angels -ml "5 Units" *WIN**POD* 1-0 Record= +5 Units = +$500 Twitter.com/Randizzle14 STAY IN TOUCH WITH ALL MY LEANS & UPDATED PICKS


  1. We need runs runs runs today

  2. Mets game went over and now philly game is tied 3-3. Toronto bases loaded no outs and they only score 1 damn run..pssssssss

  3. Randy we hit the Toronto/Philly over 8.5 u son of a bitch you.... Thats my boy dizzleeeeeeee
    oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Derrick (Covers Guest)June 16, 2009 at 10:48 PM

    how in the heck did we pull out those two overs randy ? those plays looked dead and gone - i thought we lost both plays then you pull out 2 winners Really good job diz

  5. another 2-1 nite is fine by me.do i feel 3-0 today dizz? i think i do!!!! because you are due for another 3-0 am i right fellas? lets pump up the man so he can find us that sweep!!!!!