Wednesday, June 17, 2009

MrBator&Guru's: "MLB Oddsmakers Mistake tonight- BANK IT" (16-2 L18 *POD's*)

The Champs Of Baseball Are Rolling! (27-8 L35 MLB PLAYS) If your sitting there trying to get on a winning streak & you have not jumped on the $$$ machine in Baseball known as Bator&Guru , then stop making excuses and do what you must & start getting *Paid*. Another day & another *POD* Winner as we bang out a 10* Unit (Seattle-ML) Easy Shutout 5-0 *Profitable Win & Members the winning plays will not stop , tonight we are raising the stakes some more as Bator&Guru have a Oddsmakers mistake that they will look to exploit & *Hammer this play for some more profits to add 2 the ever increasing bankrolls of all my members Blindside the books tonight with an EASY MONEY WINNER!
MLB(*Members* Plays Ready-Email Now) MLB:TAMPA vs COLORADO: (10 Units)*TAMPA-ML*+105 *POD* MLB:METS vs BALTIMORE: (5 Units)*METS OVER 10*

Members Plays Recap: (6-16) MLB:Seattle -ml "10 Units" *WIN**POD* 1-0 Record= +10 Units = +$1,000
Guru&Bator'$ 30 day **ALL SPORTS** Special! Every sport, every day, for an entire 30 days! This is the most powerful and profitable package available as you get every one of Guru's & Bator's , Major League Baseball (MLB) & WNBA selections released for the next 30 days in a row... for just over $6 per day!


  1. Drew Jansen (Covers Member)June 17, 2009 at 6:35 PM

    you guys are for sure the CHAMPS! the money me and my roomate are making is unreal right now... keep these winners coming MR-B

  2. Just got the email with the picks bator and i have uped the units now like you suggested to me sunday.

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