Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bookie Bill's "Slick Play's" (Fading The Public *50UNITS* Square Fade) *All My Official Plays Only On The Blog For Now On*

"BOOKIE BILL'S SLICK BETS" Hello gamblers, good ole Bookie Bill is here to help expose all the "Squares" and to help all the regular bettors get the best inside info available everyday, and learn how to bet like a real "Slick". There is no need to keep wondering what my "Slick Play" is and where you can find my "Sucker Fades"... Every play i have will be posted on the blog (Gamblers Final Word) please update every sports forum and also alert people to the "Fake Account" on Twitter who claims to be me. My only official account on Twitter is (Twitter.Com/BillsSlickBets). GFW ownership has brought me on board to add to the winning tradition the site is known for, also to help me reclaim my name from a known "Fraud" who has been using it to benefit another website (VR-Scammer). I will let my plays do the talking in my quest to make a regular bettor into a dangerous "Slick Bettor". NFL: Playoff Sunday-"BILL'S SLICK BET" MINNY/SAINTS:UNDER54- -$5,500 to win $5,000 (Waiting on some more "Squares" in the NBA and ole Bill might have another slick play--stay tuned to my Twitter & Blog updates) (Twitter.Com/BillsSlickBets)


  1. That guy from pregame [VegasRunner]
    he was using your name to get signups.. He sucks!

    Glad you decided to come on the blog it is much better to see the plays like this then read all that non-sense Vegasrunner would write everyday.

    You and Randizzle will be a great asset to us all


    The site is going to be unstoppable

  3. I just saw you had on your twitter acct " Sharps on the Jets +8.5" The play should be Jets.

    GL Bill

  4. Bill thanks for the slick play.
    Good to have you on the blog.

  5. Under does not look so good Mr.Bill