Sunday, September 27, 2009


CFB & NFL COMBINED YTD: 25-13 65.7% NFL YTD: 3-1 75 % 10 UNIT PLAYS: 2-1 66.6% 5 UNITS: 1-0 100% The NFL tends to be a little trickier for alot of sports gamblers but in my lifetime I have found it the easiest. My system over the years has been tweaked to allow me to hit between 65-70% a clip, numbers that only the greatest accomplish. My combined record in football this year as you can see is hitting at 65% and I am off to a great start in the NFL going 3-1 last week. Today I am releasing a 15 UNIT BOMB!!! These plays for me come once a month and they are the best of the best!! This is a play where I have uncovered a big mistake by the linesmakers allowing me to drop this huge 15 unit play. I have also released four more early winners to set our sportsbooks even more back. They may even call to tell you that they cant afford to take your action anymore!! 1:00 PM GREEN BAY AT ST LOUIS THE PICK (15 UNITS)-MEMBERS PLAY----RAMS +7 1:00 PM WASHINGTON AT DETROIT THE PICK (5 UNITS)-MEMBERS PLAY-----WASHINGTON -6 1:00 PM ATLANTA AT NEW ENGLAND THE PICK (5 UNITS)-MEMBERS PLAY-----NEW ENGLAND -3 1:00 PM SAN FRANSISCO AT MINNESOTA THE PICK (5 UNITS)-MEMBERS PLAY-----MINNY -6.5 1:00 PM TENNESSEE AT NY JETS THE PICK (5 UNITS)-MEMBERS PLAY-----JETS-1 SIGN UP TODAY WHILE PACKAGES ARE STILL CHEAP AND LETS KILL THE BOOKS EARLY!!!! WOW'S -NFL&CFB SEASON SPECIAL *PACKAGE PRICES 1)NFL&CFB Package 1 week-($125)... 2)NFL&CFB Package 1 month-($245)*REGULAR SEASON PRICE* 3)NFL&CFB Package 2 months of plays ($405) SPECIAL PRICE*SAVE $85 4)CFB Full Season ($495) 5)NFL Full Season ($455) 6)NFL&CFB Full Season($675) (Over 475 Plays) SAVE OVER $750

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