Friday, September 25, 2009


YTD 20-9 10 UNIT PLAYS 7-1 5 UNIT PLAYS 13-9 NEVADA/MIZZOU UNDER 62........................5 UNITS Missouri coming into this game has looked like they havent lost a step on offense averaging 38.7 points despite returning only 5 offensive starters. Nevada on the other hand hasnt got their high octane Pistol offense loaded yet. Turnovers has been the main problem giving up 8 turnovers in 2 games. However when Nevada hasnt turned over the ball they have shown they can move the football. Despite losing to CSU last week the Wolfpack gained 420 yrds of offense. Initially looking at this game you would say this total is going over with Missouri looking so good offensively and Nevada capable of putting up big points themselves. However looking closer at this game I dont see the Tigers on the road in the high altitudes of Reno, Nevada being as successful. A team from the midwest will have issues fitness wise adjusting to the climate. I see an inexperienced Mizzou defense struggling to keep up with the Nevada Pistol and the Tiger offense struggling with the limited opportunities they will have in this contest. I expect Nevada to control the clock with their excellent running game. Remember Mizzou put up 69 pts on this team last year and after that embarassment you better believe the Pack's defense will tighten it up!! I know its not sexy but I'm going with the under in this game as I dont see another firework display tonight in Reno. NEVADA/MIZZOU UNDER 62........................5 UNITS

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