Saturday, September 12, 2009

(((Mr.Bator&CollegeGuru))) Have Been Removed! (2 Handicapping positions are open)

Due to poor performance we had no choice then to remove Mr.Bator&CollegeGuru from posting on the blog at this time. This blog let Mr.Bator&C-Guru post plays & set up members accounts and have all their plays documented here at Gamblers Final Word, the plays however where not up to a standard that we demand from our handicappers on a daily basis. This blog is not about losing & we apologize to all of the Members & Non-Members that have played the picks from (Bator&Guru) the last couple of weeks. At this time we are recruiting another big time handicapper by the name of TommyGunz - we are also giving all of Mr.Bator&C-Guru's paid members a free 2 weeks of plays from the capper of their choice- we will continue to strive to be the best Handicapping site in the industry & with Randizzle continuing to blow the books apart & now Tommy Gunz jumping on board this week , we think we are well on our way to be every gamblers last spot before making that wager....The goal is for our cappers to produce winning days everyday & maintain the winning standard we want all of our blog members & non members to experience. At this time we have 2 CAPPERS spots now open for a trial run , anyone that has a track record that can be confirmed and can have it documented, can apply & get a trial run here at Gamblers Final Word. Those CAPPERS that we give a trial run will have access to the blog to post threads with plays & are responsible to get all plays in on time. Those that have a successful trial run will be offered a contract to *Exclusively post all plays here on the blog. You will be set up with a full time salary of ($1,500) a month & you will have the ability to use the blog to be documented & set-up members services. All serious inquires & all questions will be answered at FREEPICKS911@GMAIL.COM

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