Thursday, August 20, 2009

Randizzles' Thurs NFL Preseason ***GOLD STAR PLAY*** (5-1 NFLX)

My Photo Randizzle swept the board last night (2-0 +$1,650) & that is now $4,900 in profits since the week started-Dizzle led his members to a nice Bankroll building night on the diamond as the (Cards-ml & Cubs-rl) get it done & dizz continues to show everyone that the best time of the year to exploit Vegas lines is right now (The lines start getting Sharper in September) tonight that trend will continue with 1 MLB Play & 2 NFL Plays-That will get all my Members another $1,500!

Thursday Gold Star Game

My Thursday Night Gold Star Play Will Win Easily Build Bankroll With The Dizzle This Preseason - Already 5-1 This Year!

There are two games to get preseason week #2 started, and one is my Gold Star Play - a game with a 91% chance to cover. After sifting through all of my charts and talking to various sources, I'm very confident of this game - enough to give it the Gold Star! My Eagle's eye has spotted some clear matchup problems in personnel, and they are augmented by differences in the level of seriousness each team is bringing to the table for this week two opener. Build your bankroll, and get on board for Thursday's Gold Star Play-Stop sitting & watching these Key Money Makers Pass You Bye-The *Winners are right here-Lets exploit these books now.

*Members* Winners for Thursday, August 20, 2009 MLB PICKS *Full Members Plays*

Seattle @ Detroit Time: 1:05 pm est The Pick: (5 Units) *SEATTLE-RL +1.5* *FREE PREVIEW* NFL:Cincy @ Patriots Time: 7:30 pm est *GOLD STAR PLAY* The Pick: (10 Units)*CINCY-UNDER 37 (Buy .5)* Members Plays Recap: (8-19-09) Cubs-rl "5 Units" *WIN* Cards-ml "11.5 Units" *WIN* *POD* 2-0 Record=+16.5 Units =+$1,650 RANDIZZLES' PLAY OF THE DAY RUN (20-6-1 L27 *POD'S*)

Randizzle's 1 Month - All Sports - All Picks *NFL/CFB/MLB ($275)* *SPECIAL PRE-SEASON PRICE* This is the ultimate picks package by Randizzle! You get every sports pick released by Randizzle for 1 month. Every pick that Dizzle releases you get including his famous 15 and 25 Unit (NFL&CFB) plays! You will soon find out why Randy's Clients profit almost every month & Randy releases 1-7 top sports picks a day at $25+ a pick so you save big time with this package. The Football plays alone will have you making 10x your initial start up fee, in less then a week. The packages Come complete with 24/7 support & each member is automatically registered for all three $10,000 Contest:(Fantasy Football & Survivor NFL & College Pickem Contest) all 3 contest are *Free for all members, with weekly/monthly/yearly prizes awarded.(The renowned CFB *System that hit over 80% last year , can be on your side this year! ) Start winning now......because losing is not an option!


  1. Lets go buddy...nice stretch

  2. Dizz you are on fireeeeeeee lets keep this up

  3. +113 units in (NFL&MLB) should shut the haters up...Winning cures everything Randy

  4. Plaxico needs to get your plays before he goes to jail (HAAAA-Maybe he can buy off some judges with your picks)

  5. Michael : Rx FollowerAugust 20, 2009 at 2:30 PM

    Seattle up 6-2 dizz >>>>> $$$$ for us again
    rl +1.5 looks golden

  6. Looks like your officialy the hottest man on the planet , keep stacking


  7. One more inning left - Seattle up 6-5 so we look good in the ninth
    Keep making that money Randy, your even better then last year and cfb has not even started yet...
    This is going to be one great year of betting for us ; Dizzle = $$$$

  8. great call on the Seattle rl , they blow the lead but having that +1.5 rl was why you are the best capper around.

  9. Thats a winner
    (Seattle-rl) CASH!

  10. Ryan Bailey (Inter-sports)August 20, 2009 at 4:43 PM

    dat was a scary win ....i will take a scary win over a tough loss any day

  11. Incredible run randizzle WOW!
    Interesting angle on your NFL play tonight im on it huge

  12. Randy me & my boy hammered the UNDER37 HUGE!
    Lets do this Dizzle - Fade these public squares & get paid

  13. Under was a big time call dizz , that is why i could care less about that stupid site that the other randizzle put up , dont matter to me all i know is im up 62units if this under hits and i did not have to pay $600 for that scammer on the other site....Hey that scammer took money for nfl plays they he did not even give people preseason (That guy and his site blow he cant hold your jock) If under hits we are {6-1 Preseason} thats a major jump we now have on our books going into the regular season in nfl&cfb.

    Fuck every other capper anywhere i get what i need and my winners right here , Randy im loyal so these frauds better not start me up


  14. Di$$$$$$$$$$$$$ whats that now 7-1 this week
    the haters are going to be really mad....they losing while your cleaning up.

    You know how in basketball when a guy gets a foul called on him by the ref and the player thinks its a bad call...Then the other guy goes to the foul line and bricks the free know what they say....THE BALL DONT LIE!!!!
    Well with all the bashers n haters saying your not good , blah blah blah...well you know what you can say.... THE PICKS DONT LIE!!!!


  15. The Man / The Myth / The Legend.....

    This is some run your on especially the Nfl preseason which is the hardest thing to cap correctly & consistently.

    I will be on board for the season , you have proved your worth

    Kevin McCurdy

  16. another sweep for the dizzle

  17. I did research Randy & your ip address is the same when you emailed me last year , right after covers banned you. So that means your the real randizzle - sorry i had doubts but you understand i had to do some investigative work before i could get on board.

    One thing i have to say is your NFL run is very impressive (6-1 NFL-x) giving me winners like this and making me money like you hav ethe past week suspended all my doubts , just keep doing what you have been doing and dont let guys like me distract you ok.....Stay strong