Monday, June 15, 2009

MrBator&Guru's **MONDAY NIGHT MLB SMASH** (12 of 13 MLB *POD* RUN!)

MR.BATOR&GURU have been sizzling hot in MLB including hitting their last 12 out of 13 "POD'S". They now are solely focused on MLB for the rest of the Summer & tonight starts a big money making stretch in Baseball , that you better not miss out on. The "Dream-Team Duo" have put up a very impressive (54-20-4) record to start the year in the MLB . The pickings are real slim tonight , but the Dynamic-Duo has one big play that will qualify as the MLB Play of the Day *POD* for Monday! You dont have to like me , but the one thing you will like-Is the *Money I Take From Your Bookie* Weekly! & thats a *GUARANTEE*
MLB PICKS (Plays Ready Email Now *Members* ) MLB:SF GIANTS vs ANGELS: (7 Units)*ANGELS-ML* *POD*

Members Plays Weekly Recap For:(6-08/6-14) 9-4 Record= +41.1 Units =+$4,110
Guru&Bator'$ 30 day **ALL SPORTS** Special! Every sport, every day, for an entire 30 days! This is the most powerful and profitable package available as you get every one of Guru's & Bator's , Major League Baseball (MLB) & WNBA selections released for the next 30 days in a row... for just over $6 per day!


  1. Laker Fan (Da Champs)June 15, 2009 at 6:35 PM

    I smell money again on this one

  2. Bator i See your making the books run again this year with your baseball picks. Sammy heard they wont let you get your bets in at the Mirage sportsbook - keep killing them we appreciate all the hard work Mr.B

  3. Angels up 8-0 Bator.....your on your way to another (*POD*) Winner its looking like a 7 unit winner

    (no jinx) sorry (LOL)

  4. Lakers Fan (Da Champs)June 16, 2009 at 12:11 AM

    Told you i smelt money Bator , Angels are whupping the Giants another big time winner good work

  5. Its now 8-3 and LA hasno bullpen , laker fan u might want to keep your moouth shut until the games are finished or at least not lock the wins up you dummy

  6. Whewwww that was a close one Bator , angels held on 9-7 after being up 8-0. A wins a win so i sweated that one out but we still won.
    Im happy

  7. 15-2 last 17 *pods* great streak bator n guru . just letting you both know we thank you for all the winners, here in Florida

    Mike Santuro