Saturday, July 4, 2009

MrBator & CollegeGuru's *MLB Fireworks Finisher* 15 Star Play

Mr Bator & CollegeGuru Kicked The Holiday Weekend Off With A Loud Bang ; 15 Unit *POD* Winner & 2-1 Overall for a nice *Free Play Profit $900 L-Night! Off a winning Friday the C-Guru&MrBator duo celebrate July 4th with an afternoon Winner sure to make some cash with the EASY MONEY Winner of the week. Early start, jump all over it today. Out of a 13-3 win scenario! AFTERNOON EARLY START GAME. Pound it early COLLEGEGURUSPICKS@GMAIL.COM MR.BATOR1@GMAIL.COM MLB PICKS (*MEMBERS PLAYS-EMAIL NOW* ) MLB:CWS vs KC:(5 Units) *WSOX OVER 8.5* MLB:METS vs PHILLY:(5 Units) *PHILLY-ML* MLB:TEXAS vs TAMPA: (15 Units) *TAMPA-ML* *POD* Members Plays Recap: (7-3-09) Kc Over 7 "10 Units" *Lose* Phils -ML "5 Units" *WIN* Dodgers -ML "10 Units" *WIN* *POD* 2-1 Record= +9 Units = +$900 MrBator&CollegeGuru's - Monthly MLB Selections -$175 *Profited in all three months of MLB* We have gone the first half of the baseball season making over $8,000 in Profits! Get our Monthly MLB Selections for only $175 for a 30 Day Pass! Members can expect anywhere from 100-125 MLB Selections every month! Thats as low as $1 a game from the *Champs who have profited every *Month this season & we also offer *EXCLUSIVE TOP PLAY SERVICE* You tell us what play you want to bet on - We give you the *Winner-Never done at anytime in this industry-You ask for a play on any game you want, Then You *Win! Join us now for only $175! (Email for full details) COLLEGEGURUSPICKS@GMAIL.COM MR.BATOR1@GMAIL.COM


  1. Back on track last night NICE JOB

  2. 1-0 so far big day i feel it