Wednesday, June 10, 2009

MrBator&Guru's **MLB- Bookie Smasher** (10-1 Run on *POD'S*)

Bator&Guru CRUSH THE BOOKS AGAIN hitting another 10* *POD* & showing everyone why they are $$$ making cappers-They just dont let a day go by w/o pounding the books & making sure they pay for there line mistakes...Once again its another day & another Dollar to be made , so make sure you get on his 10 Unit MLB Game of the Week that is backed by a full report including a 100% ANGLE so you can bet with confidence Wednesday night! While Bator&Guru continue to CRUSH THE BOOKS this week , make sure your on board & HIT IT HARD all week!
MLB(Members Plays Ready-Email Now) MLB:CUBS vs HOUSTON: (6 Units)*CUBS -ML* MLB:OAKLAND vs MINNY: (10 Units)*MINNY -ML* *POD*
Members Plays Recap: (6-09) MLB:Tampa Over 8 "5 Units" *Lose* NBA:Orlando Over 198 "10 Units" *WIN* *POD* 1-1 Record= +4.4 Units =+$440
Guru&Bator'$ 30 day **ALL SPORTS** Special! Every sport, every day, for an entire 30 days! This is the most powerful and profitable package available as you get every one of Guru's & Bator's Pro Basketball (NBA-Finals), WNBA Basketball , and Major League Baseball (MLB) selections released for the next 30 days in a row... for just over $6 per day!


  1. You guys are absolutely dominating these plays lately...Great job and please keep it up im making enough money to pay off debts

  2. We cashing in on these plays tonight .... I love them both . Book smashing babyyyyyyy

  3. You guys are on fire (: 10-1 run on all your play of the day plays are magnificent , im sold. GL again tonight

  4. 11-1 on your POD'S .. Bator & Guru both of you are hitting every big play , its nice to see