Saturday, June 20, 2009

MrBator&Guru's "2-Play MLB Book Dominator on Saturday" (Another day & More $$$$ Made!)

The Champs Of Baseball Are Rolling! (28-9 L37 MLB PLAYS) MrBator&Guru have a MLB 10* *POD* on Saturday plus a 5* BONUS selection. After another *Winning night last night (1-1 +$440 in Profits) & hitting another now *Automatic *POD* (Angels Over 8) they are ready to *Dominate the books again today!!! Don't miss this 10* MLB Interleague *POD* going late night. 100% Profit Guaranteed!
MLB PICKS (Plays Ready *Members* Email Now)
MLB:DODGERS vs ANGELS: (10 Units) *ANGELS-ML**POD* (All plays are emailed to *Members 1-2 hours before games start-Plays will be posted on blog after first pitch & not before , unless *Free Plays are given) Members Plays Recap: (6-19) MLB:Angels Over 8 -ml "10 Units" *WIN* *POD* MLB:Tampa -ml "5 Units" *Lose* 1-1 Record= +4.4 Units =+$440
Mr.Bator & Guru's - Monthly MLB Selections -$195 We have profited in all three months of MLB Handicapping and we have started out winning with our 2009 MLB campaign with over $16,000 in Profits! Get our Monthly MLB Selections for only $195 for a 30 Day Pass! Members can expect anywhere from 100-125 MLB Selections every month! Thats as low as $1 a game from the *Champs who have profited every *Month this season & hitting (17 out of 20 *POD's*) during the MLB Season! Join us now for only $195! (Email for full details)


  1. I was thinking the same, thanks for the plays

  2. The wins keep coming Bator i like the way you roll .Just keep beating these books for us
    I saw your name on this forum with guys begging for members to post your plays for them for free (LOL) how funny is that ? they rather lose all the time then spend the $195 for the month and make over $6,000 in 2 weeks. Makes no sense , but i guess thats why vegas and offshore books love the free playing RETARDS . they really have no clue how to make money at this gambling thing , just keep doing your thing

    do you have a moneyline system in baseball ? Or starting pitcher system ?

  3. I slammed the Angels - i hate Jeff weaver he is a bum and his brother is better

  4. The truth of gambling MrBator/Collegeguru
    the moneymakers >>>> Get busy guys