Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Randizzles' *ALERT* *25* *NBA GAME OF THE YEAR* (9-2 run with NBA 25*s!) (The Biggest BOMB Of The Playoffs-Bankroll Builder!)

Randizzles' *25* NBA "PLAYOFF GOM"
(54-33-1 *POD* RUN/ 51-35-7 L93 OVERALL RUN)
**Okla City/La Lakers**The 1st Round "GAME OF THE YEAR"; Randizzles *25unit* GOM'S SMOKING HOT this year 9-2 & 2night this big time "EXPLOSIVE" matchup will make be a huge winner that will cash EA$ily! Don't miss out (2 NBA & 1 MLB) on today's BIG TIME SPECTACULAR "GAME OF THE YEAR" CARD! **VEGAS COMMISSION PLAYS**The commission comes through again as the *Boston Redsox -ml* wins in a wild game, so that is now *2-0 +20Units* for those "7" big whales from Vegas. "VEGAS COMMISSION" plays are what we term in the industry as "WHALE BETS"... These "7" cappers are big money movers on the Las Vegas strip & when they have at least 5 out of the 7 agreeing on a play, they proceed to hammer the game (83% For season) & now i have full access to all "WHALE BETS" nightly...So sit back & get ready to have another source of *Big Money Income* coming in daily. Making money weekly is the goal!
Monday Recap:(1-3 -19.5units)(1-3 -19.5units this week)
NBA:Charlotte +5 *Lose* -12units MLB:Atlanta/Cards Ov8 *Lose* -5.5units MLB:Redsox -ml *Win* +10units *Vegas Commission* NBA:Portland +8 *Lose* -12units *POD*
updated: April 27 at 6:29 PM EST
*Members* Exclusive Plays Tuesday, April 27, 2010 NBA&MLB PICKS *(RANDIZZLE14) ON TWITTER*
NBA:Miami @ Boston Time:7:05 pm est *VEGAS COMMISSION PLAY*
The Pick: (10 Units)*MIAMI HEAT +8* (Vegas Commission Picks : 3rd Day Of 5 day Free Preview (2-0 +20units to start) Of the exclusive plays from "7" of the sharpest cappers & linesmakers on the Vegas strip. When at least 5 of the "Commission" agree on a play i will then release it as a "Vegas Commission" play.)
NBA:Cavs @ Bulls Time:8:05 pm est *FREE PLAY* The Pick: (10 Units)*BULLS +13*
MLB:Wash @ Cubs Time:8:05 pm est *FREE PLAY*
The Pick: (10 Units) *CUBS/WASH OVER 8*(Non-Members Email Now & Get Signed Up & Enjoy WINNERS Daily-When You Decide You Just Want Winners-Then This Is The Place To Be-All I do Is Profit Weekly/Monthly/Yearly!) NBA:Okie City @ Lakers
Time:10:40 pm est *Playoff GOY*
The Pick:(25 Units)*OKLA CITY +8 (Buy 1) (Bodog at +7 when sent)*
(Members packages avail-Members made $4,400 L-week, so they have made back their initial package money & over 10x more in profits..This is a bottomline industry > You either make money or you don't! Which category do you want to be associated with?)
Verified AccountTwitter.com/Randizzle14
Every play updated & documented on twitter/blog, Time stamps on twitter & the blog to keep things 100% honest!
Note:All members plays are posted on the blog & twitter right after tip-done for tracking purposes. Free plays are posted 30 minutes before games start.
1)NBA&MLB Package 1 week-($195)... 2)NBA&MLB Package 1 month-($345)*Save Over $400-Best Value Pack* 3)MLB Full Regular Season Package:7Months-($475)*Over 300+ Plays-Less Then $100 Per Month* 4)MLB Full Reg Season/NBA Full Playoffs-($495)*Special Over 7Months Of Plays-Awesome Value & NBA Playoffs Practically FREE*
5)NBA&MLB Plays Through NBA Finals-($395)*You Get Every Single Play (NBA&MLB) Through The NBA Finals (2+Months) For A Great Reduced Rate-Take Advantage & Build Your Bankroll Before Football Season Starts-Time To Take Control Of Your Finances & Bang Your Book*
Let me know the package that you like & i will send all payment options asap...
(My Unit Ratings:5/10/15/20/25/50)
All plays emailed daily-including free plays Randizzlesplays@Gmail.com


  1. Ready to make some serious money today. Hope your on a total in the Laker Okla play.

  2. Need it ; OKLAHOMA +8