Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Randizzles' **NBA POWER MOVES**(Two **50UNIT** Big Hammers) (+40Units Made L-Night & +150Units *UNC* 3 Play SWEEP!)

Randizzle Randizzle **50** *NBA EXTREME VEGAS MONEY MOVES*
(34-22 *POD* RUN/ 3-1 L4 *50UNIT* PICKS RUN)
**WEEKLY/MONTLHY** GUARANTEED NCAA/NBA/MLB PACKAGES: Every play through the NBA *Finals* will be covered you can wager any amount between $500-$2,500 on any of my plays & they will be "GUARANTEED" you must profit on my picks for the rest of the b-ball season Or i pay any negative losses that occur during that time period (Note:All guaranteed members where paid in full for all losses that occurred the last month) Package rates below $$$
*Members* Exclusive Plays Wednesday, March 31, 2010 NBA&NFL&CBB PICKS *Full Members Play(s) & Free Preview*
NBA:Bucks @ Cavs Time:7:05 pm est The Pick: (20 Units) *CAVS/BUCKS OVER189* (FREE PREVIEW PLAY) NBA:Lakers @ Atlanta Time:7:05 pm est The Pick: (50 Units) *ATLANTA -1* (FREE PREVIEW) NBA:Suns @ Nets Time:7:35 pm est The Pick: (25 Units) *NETS +8 (Buy 1/2)* (FREE PLAY) NBA:Rockets @ Spurs Time:8:35 pm est The Pick: (50 Units) *HOUSTON/SPURS OVER198* (FREE PREVIEW) NBA:Dallas @ Memphis Time:8:05 pm est The Pick: (25 Units) *MEMPHIS +1 (1st Half)* (FREE PREVIEW PLAY) NBA: STAY ALERT FOR HALFTIME PLAYS & UPDATES ON ANY OTHER PICKS (TWITTER & BLOG) WILL SHOW PICKS BEFORE TIP-OFF
Every play updated & documented on twitter/blog, Time stamps on twitter & the blog to keep things 100% honest!
Note:All members plays are posted on the blog & twitter right after tip-done for tracking purposes. Free plays are posted 30 minutes before games start.
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All plays emailed daily-including free plays


  1. Nice ending last night lets keep it going dizzle.

  2. Need Winners (Dean)March 31, 2010 at 6:37 PM

    How about Houston +11 for the game?
    Guaranteed package member here so let me know if you have a lean on it.

  3. I will bet you anything that the Lakers come back and win this game? Any amount you want...

  4. Looks like you lost your bet no comeback from the Lakers tonight. No wonder you don't post your name-your just another basher mad at the fact Randizzle is the best at what he does.

    Ughh oh is someone 3-0 so far tonight i think so

    Cavs Over189 = 20UNIT WINNER
    Memphis +1 1st half = 25UNIT WINNER
    Atlanta -1 = 50UNIT WINNER

  5. 3-1 so far . If that Spurs game goes over you got it all back the last two days.


    4-1 +113.5 Units in profits baby!