Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Randizzles' *7-1 *POD* MLB Run* Late Night *SHARP PLAY ALERT*!

Randizzle will get his *POD* play back in the winning column tonight! Randizzle's 7-0 *POD* winning streak came to a end last night as his Angels play did not come to play & with that the last 8 days profits are a *BANKROLL BUILDING +$8,900* Now that is not an excuse about last nights play , its just Facts....It shows that the bankrolls of all of Randy's members could sustain a small setback yesterday after 7 straight big money making days Now onto the *Start of a new winning streak & tonight will be the BIG LATE NIGHT "99.9% SHARP PLAY" When sharps come out & play this big on a certain angle - we usually find some money added to our accounts at the end of the night >>>> Lets do it big Members "$1,000 in cash will be made easily" MLB PICKS (*MEMBERS PLAYS:EMAIL NOW* ) MLB:SD PADS vs HOUSTON:(10 Units) *HOUSTON-ML* *POD* Members Plays Recap: (6-30-09) Angels -ML "10 Units"*Lose**POD* 0-1 Record= -10 Units = -$1,000 Randizzle - Randizzle's All-Sports Monthly Sampler! ($190-Its a Steal) Get all of one of the best up & coming (RX) Handicapper's, Randizzle's Winning picks for 1 month in ALL SPORTS! Give Dizzle 30 days and he'll have your bankroll in better shape than its ever been in. Join now while Dizzle is RED HOT with his selections. Get his detailed write ups and picks for one low price of just $190 for the next 30 days.(You will make the Package Fee back in 1 Night of my plays!) Being stubborn does not pay the bills - When u make over $6,000 in *Profits in one week-Then let me know if paying $190 was worth it STAY IN TOUCH WITH ALL MY LEANS & UPDATED PICKS


  1. D-BO's Sports PicksJuly 1, 2009 at 11:30 PM

    It looks nice Randy

  2. On the money again $$$$$ is going into my account . Thanks for the easy winner

  3. no that was a nice easy comfortable winner
    you are the best randy.

  4. back on track with another pod winner!!!!! how sweet it is!!!!!!$$$$$!!!!!