Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Randizzle's "Baseball & Hockey" Shutdown Your Book Plays

Randizzle's "Baseball & Hockey" Shutdown Your Book Plays "NL PLAY OF THE WEEK-GOES TONIGHT"
Really nice when you can start the week off in the Plus & members we did just that as we go (2-0-1) hitting the (Mets Over 9 & Baltimore -ml) & pushing (Philly over 8) so that gets us another +5 Units & today im back at it again with my "Stanley Cup Smasher" & my Baseball "National League Play Of The Week"....Two lines i will destroy & keep building my Members bankrolls so lets go plays start in 1 hour-Members start emailing NOW!!!!! MLB (MEMBERS PLAYS) 1.La Dodgers vs Arizona: "6 Units" (Members Play)DODGERS&ARI OVER 7.5 2.NHL-Pitt vs Detroit: "2 Units" (Members Play) PITT -ML Randizzlesplays@gmail.com Members Plays Recap: (6-01) Mets Over 9 "3 Units" *WIN* Baltimore -ml "2 Units" *WIN* Phils Over 8 "3 Units" *push* 2-0-1 Record= +5 units = +$536


  1. Im ready randy send me those winners

  2. So randy what do you think about philly pads tonight ? peavy shut down phils i think
    Thanks for the blog plays

  3. Thanks for the membership deal .
    big fan , very pumped to finally find you and get these plays.
    im in the hole over 5k so i need help very fast dizzle.thanks

  4. The dizzle fo shizzle is my nizzle
    dude your unreal keep the great work up

  5. Pittsburgh down 2-1 dizz...i think Detroit will sweep. YOUR HOCKEY PICK SUCKED!!!!!!
    Your NBA is so much better

  6. Can i become a member i want in on these plays Mr.Randizzle . Thank you

  7. Dodgers over 7.5 i hit that play really hard dizz
    Hockey game is tied 2-2