Friday, June 19, 2009


Champs Of Baseball- Sweep The Board! (29-9-1 L39 MLB) Bator&Guru go 2-0 last night , hitting another *Pod* 10 Unit play (Dodgers-ml) & getting a breathtaking comeback 5 Unit *Winner with (Baltimore-ml) & what has happened the last month on this blog is clearly the 2 Best Cappers stepping up & banging out big *Winners time after time - day after day & showing all the non believers that they are the *Champs Of Baseball & they get the $Money$ Bottomline! Now lets get into what the 2 biggest *Money Making cappers have in store. Bator&Guru have been waiting all week for this TOTALS PLAY of the WEEK. Its finally here this one covers by at least 4 runs!! *TO THE BANK WINNER!! MLB PICKS (Plays Ready *Members* Email Now ) MLB:ANGELS vs DODGERS: (10 Units)*ANGELS OVER 8* *POD* MLB:TAMPA vs METS: (5 Units) *TAMPA-ML* Mr.Bator & Guru's - Monthly MLB Selections -$195 We have profited in all three months of MLB Handicapping and we have started out winning with our 2009 MLB campaign with over $16,000 in Profits! Get our Monthly MLB Selections for only $195 for a 30 Day Pass! Members can expect anywhere from 100-125 MLB Selections every month! Thats as low as $1 a game from the *Champs who have profited every *Month this season & hitting (17 out of 20 *POD's*) during the MLB Season! Join us now for only $195! (Email for full details) Members Plays Recap: (6-18) MLB:Dodgers -ml "10 Units" *WIN* *POD* MLB:Baltimore -ml "5 Units" *WIN* 2-0 Record= +15 Units =+$1,500


  1. Nice going with your plays . Can't wait till tonights winners : )

  2. Nice sweep last night .do it again for Chi Town Bator

    Chi Town (Sean)

  3. Wezzy (Covers poster)June 19, 2009 at 6:45 PM

    Lets do it Big Bator
    Your plays are money in the bank

  4. I started with $500 bankroll Mr-Bator and the $199 i spent on the months plays . Im up over $6,300 in 2 weeks Mr-B , i cant thank you enough for the work you an Guru do .
    Best investment ever made ($199 put in) gets me ($6,300) an we have 2 weeks to go

    Tonight i want to play Yankees rl good value with a-rod on the bench. Thoughts ?

  5. Come on Tampa pick it up . losing 3-0 early to the mets Bator . lets go already

  6. Tampa had a golden chance in 8th but struck out twice . They lost this game K-Rod is coming in for Mets not looking good

  7. Wezzy (Covers Poster)June 20, 2009 at 12:12 AM

    Bator you did it again . You are the Mother-Fuck-ing Man . Angels & Dodgers are going over 8 yessssssssssssssssssss $1,000 10 unit WINNER

  8. you pulled out another *POD* Winner guys, Guru n Bator you are the champs with out a doubt.
    Good job 18-3 last 21 pod's is amazing.