Sunday, June 7, 2009

Guru&Bator's***TOP PLAY*** 15* NBA Finals *VEGAS LINE MISTAKE*

15-3 L18 NBA Playoff Sides (83%) and 9-2 L11 Overall NBA Playoff Picks! Bator&Guru look to crush the books with a MONSTER 15* NBA Finals Game 2 Play on the Lakers vs Orlando. Have odds makers spotted the Magic too many in this bounce back spot or are the Lakers ready to roll again tonight? Well this Vegas Line suggest that their is a *Huge Vegas Line Mistake* and BATOR&GURU will exploit this mistake & get the *15 Unit Bankroll Builder Tonight. The *Winner* is right here-Get it now! MLB&NBA FINALS (MEMBERS PLAYS-EMAIL NOW) CUBS vs CINCY: (5 Units) *CUBS OVER 8.5* DODGERS vs PHILS: (8 Units) *PHILS -ML* NBA:LAKERS vs ORLANDO: (15 Units) *ORLANDO +7.5 (BUY .5)*
Members Plays Recap: (6-06) MLB:Angels -ml "5 Units" *LOSS* MLB:SD Padres "10 Units" *WIN* *+115* 1-1 Record= +650 Units =+$650 $Guru&Bator'$ 30 day **ALL SPORTS** Special! Every sport, every day, for an entire 30 days! This is the most powerful and profitable package available as you get every one of Guru's & Bator's Pro Basketball (NBA-Finals), WNBA Basketball , and Major League Baseball (MLB) selections released for the next 30 days in a row... for just over $6 per day!


  1. Hows it going Guru . if you ever come to florida let me know we will have a blast on south beach
    I put $500 on the Cubs over 8.5 and they need to wake up already , maybe drop soriano down in the order will help
    Thanks for the plays

  2. Nice card today guys. im on all three plays big
    lets finish the week strong

    make that money

  3. i will play your big play today guys . those seem to hit every night more then your small plays

  4. Come on CUBS : ( YOU GUYS CAN NOT HIT!

    They had bases loaded 3 times and only scored twice fuccccccccck - this game should have went over 5 times already


    What a game i was sitting here watchin this whole game its in the 14th inning & cubbies just scored 3 runs for a 6-3 lead and we hit this motherf***ing over babyyyyyyyyy . whew you guys are HOT HOT HOT

  6. CUBBIES go over guys : helluva job again fellas

  7. Holy Shit the game went over . WOW
    Thought this play was a sure loss , guess not . Nice way to pull out another winner boys keep up the great plays (when you hot your hot) anything you 2 touch turn to Wins

  8. Brian from CoversJune 7, 2009 at 11:18 PM


    What are the bashers going to say now (ALL THIS MONEY YOU GUYS ARE MAKING) You probably cant hear them now. Both you guys and Randizzle are putting on a epic capping performance , im just in awe how you guys can just keep spitting winners out.

    Just stay focus and keep making us money

  9. Need Winners (Dean)June 8, 2009 at 5:35 AM

    nice job again 3-0 $2,800 in profits we cleaned up last night , lets do it again this weekend boys